Sunday, 21 September 2014

I m back

Hey there,what's up!?

I re-decided to kept update my blog as I stopped since my boyfie's birthday.

At first,I take this as a special gift for him.Instead now it gonna turn into my personal dear diary.
After 3 months,I m back.!!TWO words describe my days,MISERABLE N SLEEPLESS.

Owww forgot to inform you guys,my recently new identity is an official pharmacist assistant trainee of Hospital Taiping.

I went through a lot of endless exhaust+tough days.

Stay in turn for more updates from me.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend night

These the way I spent my weekend night.
After nice food,we paid Ipoh Ktm a visit.
It was so damn crowned.Millions of human come.Thousands of beautiful spot light waving and moving even floating in air,blurted my vision.
*Deeply highlight that it is an absolutely ideal place for dating*
The function of KTM seem to be modified a little bit.Wonder this what actually attracted us so much.Could be a little bit romantic for couples, a little bit sporty for teenagers,and a little leisure for family members.
Addiction of certain type of activities,blew bubbles and roller blade.Awesome!!
There were actually another attraction of these place,the colourful fountain.Sorry I dint attached pictures.It was quite charming but the bubbles and roller blade obviously conquered all my attention.Until forgot to selfie with the charming fountain.By the way,it just too dark at fountain part,lousy lighting lead to qualityless picture.

And also a suprise birthday celebration.Birthday girl with her birthday countdown and colourful balloos.
Sometimes birthday don't need luxury present or triple layers of cakes or a great party.It could be so simple but meaningful.A birthday party without parameters of materialistic.It truly reflected how precious of those worthless friendships.

Sincere wishes definitely worth more than millions ringgit of gifts.Happiness.

Saturday, 12 April 2014


That the only captions for today.
Here,I am so pleased to announce that, "I HAD DONE MY RESEARCH PAPER!!!"*A happy shutout from me*
After 3 months of tears and sweats finally I done.Just cant believe that.
"Ouchh...pain!!"I pinched myself to double comfirmed this fact.The tears of joys sparkling in my eyes and same goes to all my group members.A big clap for us!>…<
This research had been troubled us for a decade.Glad it was end.A lot of obstacles hit on us wIthout a single piece of sympathy.Without hesitate,we make through it.
The days of rushing to lab.Nagging of lab staffs no more big deal.Applied the concept of "enter right ear and out left ear",never kept in your heart if not you sure felt emo[=....="].At the same time SORRY was the only you can said from your mouth.This concept totally adapted by my members that in charge the bond between lecturers and lab staff to us.Some how we learnt it.
Crashing of class schedule with lab session.Proposal had been rejected for number of times due to some indetermine and determine error.Wrong methodology.Results invalid.Messy up with opinions and suggestions from different individual.Exam matter.Transport problem.
Spent our fabulous weekend in front laptob.Scrolled to the bottom of the pages,access any page that related to our paper.Googlescolar ,PubMed ,Medline that once strange for us ,now no more.Went through those billions-millions words paper published in internet to complete the literature review.It's killing us.Felt like I m slowly lossing my retina after facing laptop for so long time.
Glad we still alive!!
OH I FORGOT TO BRIEFLY INTRODUCE OUR RESEARCH TITLE, which was"To investigate the growth of bacteria in hen's egg depends on duration of storage "
First we gonna cracked the egg depends on storage time.Culture yolk and albumin separately on agar plate and incubated.Observed the bacteria growth.Carry out staining procedure.Last step,identify the bacteria under microscope.*Sound interesting right??*
The well co-operation between our group members,appreciated and thousands of thank you that just cant described in any word.Bond that gained between 5 of us,allow us to understand each other even without a word.Such a luxury feeling mixed up with fun,tear,happy,sad,stress.
So not to miss mentioned our supervisor,Pn Shidah and friendly lab staff,Pn Fiza.Their fully tolerance and understanding,make us like chicks that protected by their mums.To be honest,they so gorgeous and awesome.Apologied for any mistakes might touched without realized.Thanks for so patience toward our childishness and playful attitude.
Here some picture along this+++++>
*Just to share*
Selfie time >,,,,<

Pn Shidah  (Our beloved supervisor), and also our microbiology expert ^,^

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Just feel something MISSING there =(

"Still so early to sleep .."
"I m so boring today.Accompany me.Let's talk about what happen today..."
"Wanna know something?"
"Tomorrow holiday,so can chat longer.."
"U should be glad that such handsome guy talking to not allow sleep."
"Hey..Hey..are you listen to me?Hey dun sleep..wake up."
"I know you have out of enough sleep this afternoon.."
"Its time to disturb you.."
"Let me finish my words first.."
" time to wake's time to wake up.PIG!!"
"Hey pig..!!"
"More 20 minutes.."
"M I cute today?M I cute today?"
"Hey I gonna hack your FB or Insta if you sleep"
"Then what happen?Continues.."
" sleep without brush your teeth.."
"Lets make the chat longer..cause our aim today is...break the old time record.. "
"Wanna know secret?....blablabla..bla..bla.bla...bla.."
"Tell you a funny thing.."
"I just wake up,so I feel so good..dun sleepy at all"
"Say something sweet before sleep.."
"Where is my goodnight kiss?"
"Say you love me..faster...faster.."
"Ok..tomorrow same time I already booking ok?"
"........wait I still got something to tell"
"Seriously this is the last."
"Madam, last question.."
"Ok now your turn.."
"Did u forgot something?"
"I want 3 muaxhhh k?one for right cheek,one for left cheek and one for..."
"Sweetdream!Good Night.!"

Voice from the other side of phone,

Warm me.

Almost every night,

The same time,
The same person,
The same voice,


Everytime after end call,
Just feel like something missing there...
Feel so unreal,
Feel so far,
So untouchable...

The seed of insecure germinate slowly from day to day,
Like I m living in my own fantasy world,
One day I will realise all that are just my only imagination,
Like I m dreaming,

A dream that when we wake up and all gone..

#Yah distance not an excuse , but are you sure??#