Monday, 12 May 2014

Weekend night

These the way I spent my weekend night.
After nice food,we paid Ipoh Ktm a visit.
It was so damn crowned.Millions of human come.Thousands of beautiful spot light waving and moving even floating in air,blurted my vision.
*Deeply highlight that it is an absolutely ideal place for dating*
The function of KTM seem to be modified a little bit.Wonder this what actually attracted us so much.Could be a little bit romantic for couples, a little bit sporty for teenagers,and a little leisure for family members.
Addiction of certain type of activities,blew bubbles and roller blade.Awesome!!
There were actually another attraction of these place,the colourful fountain.Sorry I dint attached pictures.It was quite charming but the bubbles and roller blade obviously conquered all my attention.Until forgot to selfie with the charming fountain.By the way,it just too dark at fountain part,lousy lighting lead to qualityless picture.

And also a suprise birthday celebration.Birthday girl with her birthday countdown and colourful balloos.
Sometimes birthday don't need luxury present or triple layers of cakes or a great party.It could be so simple but meaningful.A birthday party without parameters of materialistic.It truly reflected how precious of those worthless friendships.

Sincere wishes definitely worth more than millions ringgit of gifts.Happiness.