Wednesday, 19 August 2015

About ITB

I did chitchat with 2 of my ITB seniors just now.The way they described ITB totally different then what I heard before.It was freaked me out.

Me : I heard my pharmacist ever said ITB was a nice school.Easy going college life .

Seniors : What the hell are you talking about?Who told you ITB was easy?I think he/she was telling you in sarcastic way.That is no such thing.

Me : In ITB they conducted our class in English right?

Senior : Ermm with term and condition.If your intake manage to archive more then 5 international students per class, they may open a new class for international student which fully conduct in English.If not,ITB simply dumped you into the regular class,with local students.The local class will be all in Indonesia language.

Me : When is our midsem break or sem break?

Senior : No.For your information,ITB had no 1 week of midsem break like Malaysia,but they did had sem break.Dont stress,not only ITB no midsem break ,but all university in Indonesia too.This mean, during exam week ,in the same time you need to complete your lab report,research ,homework,and lab. We will have our holiday,Sem break,in May (3 months) and December ( 3 weeks).

Me :I heard the entry requirements over here are quite low,quite easy for Malaysia students to get their place here.

Senior : No deny, the entry requirements really lower than Malaysia ,but it dont mean easy to get your place here.As you know , ITB finally secured its place in the first rank of Indonesia Pharmacy School this year,2015.In order to maintain their place, ITB did make they biggest efforts on the academic which quite stressful for us,student.For Malaysia students intake , ITB did set a quota and the number kept on decrease from years to years.This year there is only 5 of the international student from Malaysia.Quite sad , I thought it should be more than these.Make sure you make your physically and mentally well prepared ,sleep and rest while you can.Once you started your class,there will be no time at all for rest.Sometimes we only slept 4 hours per day.

Me : How if I fail my paper for my first year?

Senior : If you fail your paper,what a bad news to tell you,that you only can retake the papers on your seconds year.If you fail 1 paper,mean you need totally retake the whole entire paper,and compulsory come for the every classes.Because the attendance take in count.It will become a burden.My advice is try hard to not fail your subject if not it will be tough for the coming up years..

Me : Ever any students didnt complete their study and back Malaysia for good?

Senior : Few of them.ITB was quite stressfull ,I did cried lot at the first year I am here.I ever told my dad,I wanna give up.But at the last,see.I m still here doing my forth year,final year.So there will sure tension but just remember we,seniors all are ready to help if you face any problem in study.

Me :I did have really bad math.

Senior : Err, the maths are relatively simple. Just basic multiplications and stuff.Its just how you apply the formulas into practice.


imran.ariff said...

did u get the english course

Emy said...

Yup, international class... sorry for late reply ~