Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Age of 21

Ever read an article , the writer was too anxious for her marriage planning.Here was what she really wrote about in an article .

"Women above of age 35 would be listed as high risk pregnancy mom. Smartest way to maximize mother health and baby's health is to have those baby planning done right before step in age 35.Minimum target of  3 children small size family planning with the gap of 1 - 2 years between them,will take up to 5 years. Roughly count ,mother need get pregnant before age of 29.

After the university graduation at the age of 24, approximately 2 years need for the man and woman to get stable in their economic,own assets and save for the big wedding cost.Earned enough money and get marry at age 28.1 year of new wedding honeymoon life before upgrade as mother or father.

An expert ever said,"The relationship up to 4 years and above ,have the lowest risk to divorce."

 So , this mean  at the age of 20 ,we supposed to grab our MR RIGHT/MS RIGHT ,if your don't wan to be late or missed up with this life procedure."

For me,all this was came too fast.I m will be 21 years old after October of this year.In the age of so precious 21 age,so much I wanna do , I havent do and I plan to do.More elements like friendship , sisterhood-ship,family-ship ,should glow your day better then shit relationship.

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"Acting bitter toward the lovey-dovey couples you always see around is the reason why you’re single. No need to be judgmental of others’ relationship.Focus on you and your nonexistent relationship. "

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Dont stress up with the marriage, 
it dont give a shit warranty to your marriage even you really manage to follow with the exactly plan.

So chill my girl.Be the happy one. *Anxious make you aging*