Wednesday, 18 November 2015


When ever people mentioned FRIENDS, people will always having lots of those “Friendship quotes”, ”Friendship bracelet” , “Friendship shirt”…ect so so many else.

Friendship was  importance “element” wondering and chasing by majority among us. What I think was weird.Instead of gaining more friend , I choose to  step away from this complicated relationship.

I m writing this not on what reason, but for sharing purpose.

After this 21 years of life, I learnt through all happened and finally get this conclusion. Maybe no everyone has same opinion, at least this is mine.

Friendship is good to have , but better with boarder 
I m having this quotes as the guide in my life , always remained me to beware.Friend suppose to be a seasoning to your life , it can make your life tasty or bad ,so the amount should be aware and adjust it to be nicely fit you.Too close ,friend will become as a burden instead a life companies that share your daily story.

When at one point, everythings happened in life that you must have your friends with or to share with, I have good reason to suspect  you are actually fall for her/him .If not ,I don’t mind to take this big responsibility to encouraged you  consider  her/him as your couple , because you guys just too romantic to be friend only.

When the day pass days,month by months and years , negative elements no doubt will appeared ,angriness, egoness, selfishness, rudeness, and so on., like a black hole that gain bigger.The selfishness and ego  growth  silence in everyone of us ,without realize sometime it may explode.Most of them end up fight but soon get back togather.

 #2 possibility# either they become very close friend or they mess up.

Why to owe a friend while at the last you gonna lost it with those unjoyful ending.

I have few friends of mine and we manage to hold our friendship for so long since kindergarten until now , in the other way my recent friendship was not so pleasent.One of the main reason that I can ever figured , 

the long distance reduce the friction between us

“The truth love hurt you the most , so friend too.”

I m having too much unflashable worst lessons,it lead my fear.
I had been betrayed,and tired of witnessing  the back stab among friend. 

Believe no one unless yourself and family,nor friend too
this was another quote I gaining through a painful experience.Chaos create when you too much of faith and trust toward one, but she/ he turn you up.She/he turned back to you at the moment you need them the most.This damn hurt me.

But I still believe in truly friendship existing.
I gone jealous sometimes look at those unbreakable friendship.The same time, another evil voice whisperring in my heart ,”Maybe they just good in cover those wounds ,pretend they were fine.”  

For this new years and new sem and new life, I make my birthday wishes ,one of them was get rid of those friendship problem.

So basically what principle I practicing right now to make sure my friendship end longer , longer shelf life.

1.  blended with all of them nicely 
2. Act like a balance, treat all equally. 
3.They are same,dun label one either  “normal friend” ,” good friends”,” best friends” , or” VIP friends”.
 4. Put my best effort to keep a standard distance ,so can avoid those unnecessary friction in routine that can drag to unhappiness.
5. Get away from those unhealthy activity of gossip, even I m a definitely a gossip girl.
6. I hate those sacastic friends, that never realise one word can hurt much



To my fellow friends:

Nice to met you all.

Welcome you with my wide open arms.

Hope we can  have an endless friendship until old,and play hide and seek in our wheelchair.

Lets make a pinky promise^^.No regret                 

From : Emy