Friday, 29 January 2016


Chinese New Year and Valentines happen to be crash on February, It might be extremely exciting matter  for certain people..but not me.

 Long distance relationship, no Valentines flower for me.

Chinese new year.No doubt is a really importance stuff for the family gathering. Thus , I again with two ways tickets on my hand. I felt happy to be back again, but yet I overwhelmed with my guiltiness as it will be some classes skipped. The tough rule of ITB, or any else university ,student’s attendance should be more than 80 % ,if don’t wish to be bar from exam hall. I hope to pass all it, damn it if I barred  mean, I liked “A good soldier that die before war,  super innocent”(Don’t ask me, where I got this sentence, all I can tell is I create it by my inspiration)

Threw away the classes, lectures, lab, and study part, now the most concern thing here.

“MUMMY, I haven’t get my new clothes.” I sounded anxious talking with my mum at the other side of phone.

Bandung, is a  well know,  famous tourist hotspot,
                            “SHOPPING HAEVEN”. 

Walk,scan through every single outlet (maybe some of them left out).I managed to K.O them , scratched  it out from my shopping list within 3 days. Spent almost half of my day after class ,from outlet to another outlet, searching for my ...... “Ms right or MR right ”(clothes )

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Image result for come on girls

“A brave and charismas soldier will always with friends”, I brought my friends along into this “war”. Seriously, it exhausting us lot. I got my leg muscle stretched, cant felt my toes  after whole day shopping. 

 It end up with empty hand !!#%$@xx*

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The calories burned, enough to cover up my whole week work out.Due to the great disappointed feeling , we decided pampered ourselves with bunch of good foods.

<food therapy always the best. >

               Damn!!it replaced calories burned of the day.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Its always good to be home

Food temptation was my biggest enemy!!

This 3 month back home,I can proudly to tell you,I eat whole”Malaysia”.

From Malay cuisine Nasi lemak, Teh tarik, Nasi kandar, Nasi ayam makcik ANi ......
to Chinese food Chao kweutiao, Wantan mee, Yong taufu,Fu jian mee, Nasi shao rou,..
to indian craving Roti tisu, Roti canai, mee goreng mamak,Tosai kari Kambing

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All was so fantastic mamaniahhhhhh!!
I rather spend my holidays with devil food ,then diet plan.    

Pick a sentence from facebook ,”AT THE TIME YOU LOSS YOUR WEIGHT, YOU ARE BURNING AWAY THE MONEY YOU SPEND ON YOUR FOOD FOR ALL THIS LONG”.. HahaxD lolollll it was so damn funny.

Diet plan??There was millions miles away from me,since the first day I reach my foot on KLIA2.