Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pasar baru, Bandung #sorvenier

PASAR BARU , is one of the place crowded with peoples all the time, especially Malaysia tourists love here. Most of them come for the fabric, its cheap , variety and quality. Also most of Malaysian businessman get their fabric stock from here , get earn by selling it in higher price in Malaysia.

I brought my ticket back to Malaysia on December. Before back , I think of buying some, few, many little amount of fabric as sourvenier for my Malays friends. Last time I brought some “kain pasang ” as a gift for my Malay friend’s wedding. Unluckily , my mum spotted that and she like that so much, but its a gift for my friends.I promise I to find a better one, and prettier for her.

Here they sell all things, anything that you can think, handbag, shoes, blanket, kain pasang, kain jubbah,fabric, clothes, hijab, accessories, watch, jean, fruits, food,luggage, keychains…..and lot more. Basically you can get everything in Pasar baru. If you have time , good in bargain , I bet you can get very good price – very cheap. All the price here is negotiable , and the seller very aggressive in selling things.

This time , we spent more than 6 hours in Pasar baru, after morning class 9 am – 4 pm. 
Walking ,bargain and spent most of time lost in the crowded human.

KFC to cure the tiredness.

MY buying list :
·       Kain sulam pasang   ·       School bag (brother)

·       Handbag (mother )   ·       Jeans               

·       Legging             ·       Shoes               

·       Indonesia batik     ·       Singlet             

·       Socks               ·       Hijab(friends)      

·       Keychain / Indonesia T shirt      

So I think of coming again before back to Malaysia, bring all back  in my 20kg of luggage. Maybe I need 5 kain pasang more and complete  my buying list mission.Perhaps addition of few Japanese cotton .. or sutera bandung ...

My medals for today 6 hours of non stop marathon :

^kain sartin sulam penuh (I will keep this for myself)

 ^kain sartin / kain prada sulam bandung (souvenir for my fellow friends)

^ kain jubah 3D flower (2.5 m) - I really have no idea why I brought these , #because I dont wear jubah

^ kain semi sutera bandung + batik = very beautiful (for my mum)

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Graduation day # Senior # CONVO

CONVO DAY IS A BIG DAY FOR US, IT REPRESENTED MANY THINGS.-Officially got rid of student life-Starting point in work place-Complete of the bachelor study-Time to back to Malaysia

 Convocation day is a very honor day, for us (juniors) and also for the seniors. For Chinese, it kinda a tradition for junior to come for senior’s graduation. The senior will pass flower for each of us, symbolized bring the good luck / wish.

I brought my Korean friends along with me as he is a blogger. He really wanna write something special about his Indonesia life, so I decided to bring him. 

Morning, we rushed to get the balloons we booked yesterday. The traffic jam was terrible, it took us almost half hours to actually reached there. In the meanwhile, I dint forgot to introduce our ITB campus to him , in a short and brief way.

^Quite funny to actually run with a bunch of balloons in hand.

When we reached the SABUGA(THE PLACE WISUDA-CONVOCATIONAL  HELD), millions and billions people were there , and peoples were selling flower/ teddy/ rose/toy/balloons.
All of them were looked awesome in their graduation coat.

 #I stared at them, started to imagine the day of my convocational. Handed them our handmade candy bouquets, special for them.

One of our senior’s boyfriends, which also our senior graduated on August, was came purposely to Indonesia for her. A bouquet of soft peach colour rose in the hand, and big wide familiar smile on his face. With a camera in his hand, no doubt ,his was our temporary cameraman for a day.

^Kak Qis look so beautiful

Friday, 4 November 2016

Pizzalogy Ciwalk Piza Resto ,TOKYO CONNECTION BANDUNG# Birthday celebration

October baby. For the whole months, exam kept smashed in the flow wave and thunder. Of course , no celebration instead of study hard and harder and hardest!

It was a well planned surprise.

We went to this RESTO for lunch.

One things I love about Indonesia , the food is cheap(when compared to Malaysia). A classy lunch in Malaysia might cost you about RM30 – RM50 If you are here, Its cheap! With the price you spent in Malaysia for lunch , you might get double cheaper here, classy restaurant. From my opinion, the food price here always double less than Malaysia price. The money value here is big, with 2000 rp (60 cent), you can actually buy lot of things.When you stay longer in Indonesia, you will soon become a cheapskate, even though its only 2000rp.

Back to the story on that day.

One rectangular pizza for 4- 5 persons serving , 18 pieces .BBQ pizza was the best seller in here (155k ).

We decide to go for the huge pizza. 3 huge giant pizza for all of us , 2 BBQ pizza and 1 Healthy vege pizza. #Yummmy 3 x 18 pieces = 54 pieces , we finished all with  almost bursted tummy.

The price range of the Pizza its Personal (40 k rp +) , deluxe (55k rp +)  and Big Boom (150k rp +). For the topping , we can choose and custom make our very own special pizza, but there will be extra charge. ^...^

After lunch with 3 huge giant size pizza, suddenly a friend of us was holding a cake from no where with happy birthday song. When still in confuse and mouthful of pizza, my friends and me (both October babies) guided to front, awkwardly stood and joined the sing. Also , our Korean friend was joining , as he an October baby.

^ Korean friends , Park Seok Koon
^He is too cute

It’s a harvest Tiramissu cake!(branded cake house in Bandung).# Thanks my friends. Dessert after the pizza .YUMMYUMMYUMMMM.. 


We got our gift from lovely classmates. #Its pink hello kitty cover ,because they know I like pink.


Ipoh Trip 3 days 2 night [day 2] #friends gathering trip# Foodies

Second days, I met a friends of mine , study in same university, which local IPOH zai . 

He will guide us for today.

Having  him as my friend, its a proud.

10.00 am :  Brought crispy roasted pork and duck  from “TUCK  KEE RESTORANS


Cheap, quick, variety !!! There are 3 choices for the base , noodle , mihun, houfen. U can make it “gan lao”- dry with special soy sauce, ‘qing tang ’ – soup , laksa soup –a kind of fishy flavor of spicy soup.  For each of the “Yong Liew ” only go for 50- 70 sens. Very cheap for a Pahang people , we eat like a boss and just take whatever we want without looking at the price. For 10 people including drinks, It only cost us not more then RM100. You definitely cant find this cheap and tasty stuff in Pahang, NO WAY!!

12.00am : Follow to IPOH routine ,a coffee a day is a must. Drink super strong  aromatic and taste really nice at “CHANG JIANG WHITE COFFEE

 # I m no a coffee lover as I used to insomnia after a sip of coffee. But I fall in love with Ipoh white coffee so much .

1 pm STREET ART OF IPOH OLD TOWN #very hot sunny day , burn me too max , but the picture really awesome.

Again another top rank kopitiam must come in IPOH. The egg tart is the best!!! 
VEry HIghly RecOmmented !!!!!
Image result for nam heong egg tart

 Again having nice coffee here. You really have to try out their egg  tart , its crunchy bottom and soft in the middle, each bite can taste egg + creamy milk + butter .Its heaven. Their egg tart sold out very fast, freshly baked hot egg tart and after cooled egg tart had totally two different texture and flavor. I more prefer the cooled one , it tasted mamamiahhhh.!!

3 am : ‘KEK LOK TONG’ another beautiful creature of god , felt how tiny of us in front of it. My friends said it’s a tourist spot and must visit place. Also ,“SAM POH TONG” few minutes from “KEK LOK TONG”

5.00 am :  LOST WORLD HOT SPRING & SPA !!!!! 

 Amazing hotspring experience here!!! A night hotspring , really bring the relax to next level. YA I M NOT KIDDING U<.ITS A NIGHT HOT SPRING!!!!! >

Normally it cost RM35 per aldut but we got it RM 25 per person due  online booking. The hotspring operating hour 6 pm to 11 pm. A night hotspring , with good environment and music, pleasant for whole day of tiredness.


I used to heard about this shop in TV, rumours regard to the taste of chicken with bean sprout!! IT also a must as a tourist, they even said, IPOH trip wont be complete without this dish!!

Maybe after hotspring , extremely hungry .9 of us managed to finish 2 whole chicken and half chicken with few side dishes. 

The bean sprout is very crunchy and fresh, the chicken is the main character. The testure of chicken extremely soft and moist , easily to tear apart. I need to admitted it taste better than my mom’s cook.


Colourful light twinker tree along the river.
# this place crowded with POKEMON players.TOO MUCH POKEMON here????

12.00am : Celebrating birthday of our friend. Start with the game section and alcohol battle.
 Happy birthday to our birthday girl, a small vanilla cheese cake but I m sure its the sweetest thing for the night. She no really to good to express her happiness, but we can saw the sweet smile on her face.


The caffeine keep all of us stay up until very midnight.