Saturday, 5 November 2016

Graduation day # Senior # CONVO

CONVO DAY IS A BIG DAY FOR US, IT REPRESENTED MANY THINGS.-Officially got rid of student life-Starting point in work place-Complete of the bachelor study-Time to back to Malaysia

 Convocation day is a very honor day, for us (juniors) and also for the seniors. For Chinese, it kinda a tradition for junior to come for senior’s graduation. The senior will pass flower for each of us, symbolized bring the good luck / wish.

I brought my Korean friends along with me as he is a blogger. He really wanna write something special about his Indonesia life, so I decided to bring him. 

Morning, we rushed to get the balloons we booked yesterday. The traffic jam was terrible, it took us almost half hours to actually reached there. In the meanwhile, I dint forgot to introduce our ITB campus to him , in a short and brief way.

^Quite funny to actually run with a bunch of balloons in hand.

When we reached the SABUGA(THE PLACE WISUDA-CONVOCATIONAL  HELD), millions and billions people were there , and peoples were selling flower/ teddy/ rose/toy/balloons.
All of them were looked awesome in their graduation coat.

 #I stared at them, started to imagine the day of my convocational. Handed them our handmade candy bouquets, special for them.

One of our senior’s boyfriends, which also our senior graduated on August, was came purposely to Indonesia for her. A bouquet of soft peach colour rose in the hand, and big wide familiar smile on his face. With a camera in his hand, no doubt ,his was our temporary cameraman for a day.

^Kak Qis look so beautiful

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