Monday, 19 December 2016

Mom’s Bakery, Bandung

Scrolling the internet food recommendation pages, most of the citizens strongly suggested MOM’s Bakery as one of the best place to have breakfast / brunch in the town. The location wasn’t far, around the area of PARIS VAN JAWA, right beside HUMMINGBIRD RESTO.

Personally I m more prefer Japanese food / Korea food, Western is just fine for me. Mom’s bakery is based on western concept sandwich idea, the customer can custom make their sandwich. They provided us pen and a paper with list of topping , filling , and bread, sauce. It is a good idea to let customer choose what they want in the dishes and what they don’t like. Their signature wheat bread makes solid base for wide range of sandwiches. Choose your bread baased, ciabatta, panini, wheat , black charcoal bread and ect. Then your meat, sauces and vegetables.

Lifted my head, the price wrote on the green broad with chalk, the price range about 50k rp – 80k rp . Affordable, but kind of pricey a little bit for just a sandwich, I’m really looking forward for how it will taste. In Tripadvisor, they managed to obtain most of the positive review and feedback from customer.

>>For me, I picked croissant, honey mustard sauce, roasted chicken, and vegetable exclude olive .

Here the sandwich is the main hero of the house. But, they did serve some side dished, soup and snacks. I heard now they even served pizza. For the dessert lover, they did served some desserts here,
cakes, macaroon and coffee. 

A piece of sweet after the sandwich , will be a nice beginning of the day.

We took this opportunities to celebrate belated birthday of both birthday girls. I picked both of the
cakes recommended by the waitress , Domino cake and Red velvet cake. 

The taste of sandwich well satisfying , but the cakes tasted so so. The cake not moist and a little bit dry for me. Meanwhile, I scrolled in the internet , most of the customers pretty satisfied with their cheesecake, maybe I can have a try next time.

Another things I like about the Mom’s bakery , the bread here very healthy and fresh, taste light for me. The atmosphere of the bakery concentrated with the aroma of hot freshly made breads out from the oven. I actually enjoy the smell and this environment. Most of the customers came for their bread.

AddressJl. Progo No.18, Citarum, Bandung Wetan, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40115

Open today · 7AM–7PM

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