Friday, 31 March 2017

BANDUNG - LEMBANG DAY TRIP #Indonesia Tripguide

My Lembang BUDGET Trip List ONLY RM 2XX
 ( RM 250 ++  per  person not included the hotel ) 
7 :00 am : Drive from Bandung.
8. 30 am : Tangkuban Perahu "Kawah Ratu"
9 :15 am :  Luwak Kopi Cikole
10 :30 am : Floating Market (Lunch time)
12 : 30  pm :  Farm house
2 : 00 : Kampong daun Cafe (high tea)
3: 30 pm : Dusun Bamboo Lembang
5 :30 pm : Back to Bandung
6. 30 pm : Bandung
7 : 30 pm : Food market pascal (Dinner)
9 : 00 pm : Back to hotel rest/ massage

#1 Tangkuban Perahun Lembang Indonesia

Tangkuban Perahu is located north of the city of Bandung, the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. The distance of 30 km from Bandung city, 1 hours journey took to reach there. The average daily temperature might achieved 17 C day time  , 2 C night time. It categorized as stratovolcano (active valcano) which still under the observation by Director Volcanology Indonesia. Few of the carters still giving the signs of volcano’s activities by few small eruptions, spewed ash happened from time to time. READ MORE

#2 Kopi Luwak Cikole Lembang Indonesia

"That's a life when you drink coffee Luwak with a real LUWAK napping on your laps.
Briefly introduce what special of this coffee.For those coffee lover, it should be in the list of must try for your life. Basically ,coffee luwak is coffee bean digested by LUWAK (a cute little mammalia) and  out as 'poop'. As a human being, we are too bored to drink those coffee plucked instead of trying the coffee from the rectum of LUWAK. READ MORE

#3 Floating market Lembang Bandung

Floating market, one of the attractive representative of Thailand. But do you know , actually there is a FLOATING MARKET in Lembang , Indonesia. It was another version of floating market, and the TOP 10 destination you should visit when come to Lembang. READ MORE

#4 Farmhouse Susu Lembang Indonesia

If you followed my preview blog, this was my second visit to FARMHOUSE LEMBANG. Still ,it was so interesting for me. Last time I came with friends.Thus,this time quite different meaning as I was here with my during her 5 days holidays in Bandung.
My mum, she so excited, like a kid come to playground. The cutest things were those ladies went around in group with those eyes catching red color costumes. If I had not mistaken, they were in Poland costume?(Correct me if I m wrong). READ MORE

# 5 Kampong DAun Café

Kampung Daun is located up on a hill, restore the nature tropical forest beauty.The landscapes of this restaurant is well kept, even had a small waterfall inside. A cafe theme of nature, inside the tropical forest. Dining in small chalet surrounded by plants,sound of waterfall accompanied bird sing.This awesome scenery get my soul a temporary relax and felt high concentration of oxygen in every my breath. (This is describe how nature it is) They dont prepared you a  fan, what you can get is nature air-condition. We went there around the hot sunny afternoon hour, the shield of leaves actually create cool and refreshing atmosphere inside. READ MORE

#6 Dusun Bamboo Family Leisure Park Lembang Indonesia

Used to see the bird's nest in the advertisement mostly regarding to the Indonesia tourism. At first I really thought lots of the nest on tree and hang by those steel. After I came only I realise, the bird's nest,round shape of room made from half glasses that winding with the branch / root / some part of plants. The smart architecture idea might inspired by bird? The "bird's nest" build on the flyover bridge with glass, so can really enjoy the view. READ MORE

# 7 Pascal Food Market Bandung

The food market, the gathering of all sorts of foods. From Indonesia to Korea, from main course to snacks. Heaven of food? I m ALLODOXAPHOBIA, too much of choices dont seems good for me. It make me harder to choose. Another problem, my knowledge about those Indonesia tiny enough and kinda phobia to actually try those new foods. READ MORE.

Before your  Indonesia trip kindly read : 9 tips must read before travel to Indonesia

Even though Lembang is  middle of nowhere, and the road is quite bad, but it is very popular because of  those beautiful park/places, Dusun Bamboo, Farmhouse, Kampung Gajah, ect.For the destination list above, we skipped Taman Bergonia and Kampung Gajah, we spent too much time at few destinations and limited energy for us. Each of the destinations had its own  attraction and the area is big, lot of walking. Make sure wear something look nice and comfortable, comfortable shoes. After the whole day trip, you would felt like gaining your leg muscle. Weekend (Sat@Sun) would be terribly traffic jam, Friday a bit better, and weekdays(Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur)definitely perfect, less tourists,as it wont waste your time stuck in traffic jam.

This is an one day trip. Consider of not wasting the time waiting for the transport/ find for the transport in Lembang , I strongly suggested to rent a daily car with driver.

The range of price for daily rent varies depend on the company, car , and how many hours. Normally the price will be cheaper if booking without agent. If you are good and confident enough to drive a car to Lembang , you can rent without driver, will be cheaper and petrol by ourselves.(But hiring driver would be more safe as the road really bad, they know better when come to shortcut and reach you at the destination. No worries and rest in car, it will be better for you and other too.)

I hired one driver(they call supir here), Pak ...? I forgot the name, but he quite a good driver. The things I like the most about him, is polite and punctual driver. Punctuality is very importance as we have limited time for trip. I booked the car 2 days before our trip, he messaged me 6:30 am and waited in front of the hotel. This is good, as we managed to set off sharp on 7 am.

He gave me a good price 550 k rp (RM 155 ++) for "DAILY ALL IN PACKAGE" for White Avanza manual car (Fit 7 peoples) + Driver + Petrol , he told its okay even if we use the car more than 16 hours. The price excluded the parking fees and entry fees for Lembang destination. It consider very cheap as it including the petrol and driver.

If you are coming in one group 6 - 7 peoples, after divide per perosn will be only RM30 for whole day. Worth die. But I guess no one can get better price than I got.

If you interest for trip maybe can ask me for the driver number. State my name ,he will give u special price(he is friend of mine) and told the driver to follow the route above. Maybe can add on some interesting places like Kampung Gajah or Taman Bergonia. (We skipped those places because too exhausted for that)

Local Indonesians told me, normally its a polite manner to treat the driver for meal. Not mean to had meal together , but its okay to give 20 k rp ++(RM6++ ) for him , so he can had some food/ coffee at Warung near by road. It just a manner , not compulsory.