Wednesday, 3 May 2017

KOPI LUWAK CIKOLE #Indonesia tripguide

"That's a life when you drink coffee Luwak with a real LUWAK napping on your laps"

Briefly introduce what special of this coffee.For those coffee lover, it should be in the list of must try for your life. Basically ,coffee luwak is coffee bean digested by LUWAK (a cute little mammalia) and  out as 'poop'. As a human being, we are too bored to drink those coffee plucked instead of trying the coffee from the rectum of LUWAK.

Its give me a reason to actually drink poop.

KOPI LOUWAK CIKOLE,The place was small, simple and hidden place, I m sure will lost without our tour guide. Early morning , we greeted by the big smile on the face of employers in batik shirt , friendly and nice. They guided us and explained all process of the coffee making, from poop to the packaging coffee. No matter how, they couldn't erase my first impression to this coffee.

The procedures

They teach us how to differentiate the gender of coffee. Even the coffee also can be female or male??? I m curious . 

Jar for the different coffee with different processing procedure.

Of course, I saw the LUWAK and the poop, so impressed with the look of raw ingredient, piece of art. (Pricy art)
Isnt this is so amazing? Never ever saw beans can stick all together in this way.
Like a chocolate bar with lot of almonds

Aroma of coffee was so strong in the air. After what I saw and what I knew, my mind keep convince myself about it . In the meanwhile, lot of the images of the poops queue up in my head.

First sip, closed the eyes lets the taste bud to judge, surprisingly it taste normal. Normal ,its actually good word, as it mean it tasted like normal coffee. Second sip, I realized it actually tasted slightly different than coffee, couldnt figured it out. Perhaps, it had the aroma from the LUWAK, or is it the taste of ....?

Normally I prefer latte and cappuccino,  I like coffee with  milk / cream instead of espresso. However, the staff suggested us drink it barely, without any sugar / milk. This poops surprisingly came with lot of health pharmacological effect. Not only that, they teach us the correct way of drinking.

 "Steep...wait...drink ,steep...wait...drink" for one packet. Brew one sachet 10g of kopi luwak with 150cc of boiling water. Stir properly until completely dissolve. Wait 2 minutes  before enjoy your cup of coffee. Enjoy the distinctive aroma and delicious taste of coffee.

Surprisingly the coffee came with lot of health benefits and suitable for the gastric individual too. The beans go through a strict and meticulous  process which is fully hygienic. Each of the beans selected from Priangan Arabica coffee plant and passes through the luwak (Civet cat) natural enzymatic process.  It reduce the acidity of coffee ,and increase benefit, which suitable for all individual.

Health benefit of Luwak Coffee

Enhance good body metabolism 
Prevent nerve disease -Parkinson disease
Protecting teeth, antibacterial agent
Lowering breast cancer risk
Prevent gallstones 
Protect skin
Prevent diabetes 
Safe for ulcer disease patients 

The residue precipitated coffee, throw away??
 [NO..NO..NO..] Took it and apply on the skin , Poop's mask.!!!!or scrub.

It give smoother sensations for skin, by slough off the dead skin. It also neutralise the skin irritation, remove scars black spots  and act as the good nature anti aging. 

 I stared at LUWAK : "Never compare myself with LUWAK, as LUWAK's poop can sell more expensive than mine."

If really want to have this precious experience , felt free to drop by for educational A- Z guide and taste the coffee. They were selling ready grinded coffee in packet, more convenience. When come to bussiness,  everyone should had innovative mind so our LUWAK COFFEE owner. He came up the idea with the scrub product and coffee spa.

The price range for the coffee is 60 k rp per cup. For the customer purchased coffee product , can requested to drink it there. Last time we bought 1 box ,10 packet (350k rp), which mean 35 k rp per sachet. Conclusion, buy the coffee packages and drink there cheaper(35k rp per cup ) compare to order 1 cup coffee (60k rp per cup). Both would be the same, why to pay more? This was one of the business trick to encourage customers buy the package instead of order only one cup.

 We been asked to write them a review regarding to the coffee.

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