Friday, 16 June 2017

Hutan Raya Haji Juanda

The hiking trip planned for so long. Packed study schedule always make it delayed. I m glad ,I  finally make it, even though the hiking gang seem lesser than origin.
Best and exhausted hiking ever. 5 hours of hiking , not a very proud record of  mine, but it was a great beginning.

Introduce my gang, Seokun (Korean, Economy communication student), Yinsu(Malaysian, Dentisty student), Pree(Malaysian, Pharmacy student),Yuva(Malaysian, Senior pharmacy student).
Once we brought The entry tickets, we divided to two group as we were heading different destination.  We planned for Maribaya waterfall, while they planned to Tebing Keraton (another beautiful destination). The path to Maribaya way more ‘easy’ suitable for a beginner like me, compare to Tebing Keraton.  Mariya waterfall will be first ,the next should be Tebing Keraton.
I admitted the hectic study schedule did make me left my sport for so long. I m pretty sure my athlete stamina once in my soul was totally vanished.
No kidding , I used to be an athlete in marathon and all kind of running competition, once legend of school. The school field written by all my victory . (Erhemm.. perhaps I will share you my school story next time)

With those white pants and dress, and fancy accessories, some of them not for hiking, but for photo-shoot I guess. Not to claim we are in proper entire too, atleast we put on our sport shoes. ( I kinda overslept again, so not much time to actually prepare myself in the early morning.)

In this cyberhood generation,  I like to take photo on what I do. You know, upload to social media with lot of #hasttag. That’s the reason, I brought my camera with me , fully charged  battery. That’s was one of the reason why we took more time compare the other to reach destination when we too busy for photo.

Coincidently , we bumped in to one big group of university hiking trip, found out we headed to same destination. We introduced and shaking hands sections, now we were friends. Without hesitated , fused ourselves in to the big group. New friends make the hiking more interesting.

The monkeys really not a joke. They look wild and fearless, which make us scare. Few times of short run and gasping , to away from those monkeys.  They came in group and “robbed ” foods and stuffs shamelessly.
All those fear,laugh, and sweats we shared. It took us 5 hours, tired but still very satisfying.  

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