Friday, 18 August 2017

Water Rafting #Summer School ITB Pharmacy

I never been water rafting before, kinda nervous and excited toward it. I knew nothing about water rafting , I dint even knew how to swim,”Oh Gosh”. This was a totally new experience for me.
Sunday morning, we reached the Water Rafting Ciwedey. The drive was long almost 4 hours The road toward the place wasn’t good , but the greenish tea plantation and  small village view along the way was pleasant.I did sleep for few hours  in the van to boost up my energy for the upcoming extreme activities.

We served with warm ginger tea and kuih(Indonesia pastry ).Put our beg and change in to the proper attire. Their dint really set a rule for the dressing code, but personally advice to wear something  tight and long enough to cover your arm and leg. The water rafting took almost 1 hour , it will be freaking cold when you got wet , in the same time might got sunburn due long expose under sun light .

UV is bad. It cause girl’s aging of skin and sunburned. Applied a thin layer of waterproof sun block really help to prevent it.

We gathered at the open area small field. They gave us detail direction and instruction, and safety direction during water rafting. They told us in Bahasa Indonesia, glad one of our friends help to translate it in English. 
We had been divided in several group, and grabbed the safety jacket and safety cap for each. They really check on how we wear it and help us to adjusted and fasten it in proper way.

Now its time to water rafting!! First , lets took a picture on our smart attire before water rafting. The one on the right was our group’s professional assistant. He will guide us will few  specific order direction and make sure we were safe and enjoying  the water rafting.

The direction order , When he gave the order of :
-          “BOOM”   (bend ourselves down )
-          “KIRI”  (Move to the left)
-          “KANAN” (Move to the right)
-          “GOYANG GOYANG” (Shaking and bouncing ourselves on the boat)
-          “KEMBALI” (Back to our origin position)

 Normally the water rafting I saw in television , all of the passengers will be given paddler. Kinda curious , the assistant was the only one with paddler, we were not. However, I think this was better , even I had been given a paddler , I m pretty sure I wont used it and may loss it during the water rafting time. Better for me to do nothing but holding on the boat.

Very fun, I felt like myself  in side the washing machine.The peaks and valleys of calm waters and crazy rapids made for a truly fantastic day.I shouted so much and I drank much water especially when this area.

The cap of mine kinda lose , so you can saw me hold my cap in most of the photos.

You weren't getting thrashed about for hours at a time, there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy the absolutely GORGEOUS scenery, but there was still plenty of excitement to be had!

Our guide was a really calm man which  confident and professional personality. The way of he playing with the  paddler in the rapid like steering , was absolutely phenomenal! I kinda admitted we were good in obey to his instruction too.

The photographers worth so much of praises.  Salute for their hard work, run few miles with camera to capture the best moments of us. He transferred  2.5  G of the photos and video soft copy for our group water rafting in pendrive.  Every single pieces of photo and video tells big story of our friendship.

Those ready printed photo available in half A4 paper size, with price of 15k per pieces.  I will treasure this sweet memories together , never forgotten.
After almost 1 hour ++ of water rafting, we were exhausted and very hungry. Backed to the wooden house , showered and got change into dry clothes. 

The lunch was prepared , classic Indonesia meals. The lunch also included in the water rafting package.

 I sure most of you will be interest to know the price

Tea time(KUIH + Ginger tea)  + Water Rafting + Lunch + Photo@Video soft copy =   175K rp person

#make sure booked the place 2-3 days before, they need to prepare for the food.

The view of the lake , calm and peaceful.

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