Thursday, 7 September 2017

Countries Food Battle # ITB Summer School ITB

Food battle between the countries was held .

All of us tried the best came out with the best dish that represented our country, with the tight budget  200k rp.The budget 200k rp for 44 persons portions, really limited our desired for luxury food. It hurted our brain to think of the best food which is cheap , easy , delicious, and full with flavor of “Malaysia ” inside of it.

One day before the battle day, we went for ingredients shopping in the every early morning. (We decided to get those fresh ingredient in Indonesia traditional morning market ) Believe me, morning market sell in double times cheaper than hyperm art with air conditioner. This trick really help us cut down budget , and add more dishes with the money.

The small open area was facilitated with stoves and kitchen accessories. Okay lets started our cooking battle.

I was helping my friends with the MALAY KUIH(pastry) making process. This kuih wasn’t something that I really fond with. Still self-cook always full of satisfying, I gave my team 10 out of 10 marks, 10/10 .

We took turns in making process. I slipped myself around  for fresh air gasping. Everyone were so busy with their cooking.

#Egyptian team : The marinated beef and egg plant with special tomato sauce.

Hand massaging section for the marinated beef

Eggplants frieding in process, ALA with her big smile and big drop of sweat on forehead.

The creativity needed, to cook like you have oven, even you don’t. 2 cooking pan was turned upside down in one, apply the concept of heat trapped in oven. 


#Turkey team : Vege filling with lettuces, dessert turkey candies, fruit drinks

The pretty Turkey girl

The candies , I like it !!!!!


#Vietnam team : Phong , beef spiece soup with Vietnam noodle, beef balls , corn milk

The Vietnamese girls is beautiful . Also , the way of speaking in soft tone. 
The gingers were grilled to give the best flavor in soup
Their food was so delicious too. Their beef soup was so amazing , cooked with tons of beef and bones.

#Thailand team : Green curry , Red curry with kweoteow, spicy sauce fried egg

When the green curry was cooking, the spiciness spreaded in air and I m choked.
Thailand is so closed with Malaysia, which I m a big fan of Thailand food.
This is my favorite dished among all.The green curry was the best dish I tasted among all dishes.


#Korea team : Sweet spicy Teobokki, fish cake, egg

Really need to mention this two cute girl from korea, so lovely beautiful and so cute!!!


#Indonesia team : GADO GADO (Indonesia version salad with peanut sauce) and fruit ROJAK

Pineapple peeling in process.
Healthiest dish. Lot of vegetables and fruits in the dishes.


#Malaysia team

Malaysia  is a harmony country with 3 races , Chinese, Malay, and Indian.  That’s the elemet we realy wanna show in our dishes. The menu of day


Roti Jala making in process only need 3-4 peoples. But all of them want to be in the photo.

The big chief of the day, her signature dish : MUSHROOM CURRY

*CHINESE SNACK : TANG YUAN (due to budget problem we cancelled it from our menu


Unexpected, the judgers look so professional by the way they taste and noted the mark on their small book. They chewed food in mouth few times, pupil moving ,unpredictable face reaction on face.Heart beat faster when they came to our booth, the presenter explained and served the food.

While I go around the other booths and taste the food. HEHEHEH


The tittle of First prize proudly announced wined by our team , Malaysian team. All the sweats was paid.We proved the pharmacist student , not only did well in study, but they also can cook really delicious and tasty food.

Malaysia flag was hold in hand while receiving the prize , It showed how proud we are as Malaysian.


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