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31 December 2017, 19 Celsius

The original plan supposed to be 4 , but one of us couldn’t make it on that day . So, proceed with only 3 of us [Preeyash(Left) , Me(middle) , Dayah(Right)]

Slightly different with previous year, I was celebrating my new year 2018 countdown in Indonesia. After 2 years and 6 months of living in Bandung. Indonesia is my second home after all. Everyone were on their sweet semester break holiday, except us. We, final students were ready to scarifying precious holidays for our final laboratory thesis. Those high level of spirit, for the sake of graduation on time, July 2018. *Finger cross and pray for me guys *

The weather kinda cold , 19 Celsius.  I wore a dress with a sport pant, cap and my sport shoes. Ya I tried to be a little bit feminine, while not losing the sporty part of my soul. And it end up to be weird combination, fashion disaster for the end of  2017. (I  DINT CARE)

“Play hard , have fun and enjoy , in the same time not to forget self-safety is very important.”

An event like this always came in crowd. Millions of human, there were few things need beware, bear in mind.
  • ·         Be careful with pocket picker
  • ·         Keep your valuable things with you
  • ·         Confortable attire
  • ·         Beware of “wolf ” , own safety (esp , girl)
  • ·         Get accompany ,never go alone
  • ·         High alert with surrounding
  • ·         Avoid unnecessary injury (fall down)
Before I out from my room , I grabbed a jacket with me. To keep myself warm, countdown should started by 12 am. I assumed temperature will more freezing when came to midnight.

11.03 pm – Lapangan Gedung Sate
HILARIOUSLThe road was basically stuck with millions of motorbike and cars, billions of human being. I found my self so tiny in the crowd. Our vehicle only made move of few cm after age of waiting, you can imagine how jam the traffic was. It took like forever. I decided to get down and went by my “own” (walking). Definitely a good idea.

"I hate TRAFFIC JAM...and I know no one like that too."
Billions of black tiny heads with twinkle- twinkle hair band on them. This really caught our attention as soon we arrived.We couldn't speak in this freaking noisy environment ,but a glare from each others. Signal received without any communication. 


11.30 pm - Fireworks began
The fireworks started scratched through the black wide sky, decorated with those colorful fire sparks. It made the night wasn’t lonely anymore. The sounds of firework , "BING..BANG..BOOM.." like weapons, coming in all direction. I hold my ears ,prevent my eardrum get loose with too much vibration. HAHAHA

We went to the middle of it, big field straight in front of the Gedung Sate building. Sit on the grass and waiting for the best moment . Fast few clicks on the camera button , snapped the photo with firework. This photo was came out so pretty. It was the only few photos with perfect firework background among hundreds of it.

 Holding the hair band most of time, frightening it might fall. It was cute thoooo, but the size wasn't fit well on my big head. I need bigger size ..[--........--]

 *Not to be “hyperphora” , but its true* 
It was so hard to get so perfect picture as the firework wasn't fixed in one direction.  360 degree of turning to get this.Highest thankful for my friends.

Not to forget to day was her birthday, Blue Crown lady. Happy birthday!!!
31 of December, what a special day.!! 
I m bad in remember others birthday , but I pretty much sure can remember hers.

The fireworks were non stop until 12.30 am.

Another funny stories that actually happened along the whole countdown. We became the attention in the crowd, more accurate its my friends became the highlight.The story should began with I noticed peoples was giving us an up down look , when we were too concentrate with the fireworks and seflie/ instastory/ recording . The things went kinda weird, when they tried approaching us. After that their started to invite us for a photo, one , two and three……

Split of that moments, I understand how it felt to be an artist and everyone came to photo with you, exactly that feeling. I stood there in a stunned silence. Without reasons, they came and shake handd ,if we knew each other very long time ago. I understood this all happened because my friends were been too obvious, like a big  “FOREIGNER” label on the fore head.
Red warning in my mind, “Run…walk away…escape from this peoples."  
 Finally , we said goodbye to them and walked away.But, a group of teenagers aged of 20 – 25 was following us form far since couples minutes ago. Speed up our walk try to get rid of them. Adrenaline rise, and heart beat increase rapidly , I can sensed my body was converting glycogen to glucose, preparing myself to “fight or fly” situation. Breathing heavily.

 Glanced over, they smiled and approaching us. We stunted and looked away, muttering.
“Can we have a photo with you guys?(In Bahasa)” a teenage boy came , talked in very soft tone. Polite enough for me to say yes.
“They are not bad  guys” mouthed to my friends. A sudden relieve of my heart.
After finish, the only left was smoke, haze and litters on field. 
# Sorry for being so noisy, I got annoyed with my own voice when I play this video # Just mute it 

The countdown was fun new experience. Awesome. Funny. And “Thrilled”?? 
Still I prefer spend my countdown night, cuddle in warm blanket on sofa, watching my favorite live on TV, with a cup hot milk beside. Nothing would be better than this(Maybe when getting older, I not fond to go into crowd). 
This wasn’t a bad experience for me.  At least next time when my friends ask how was my Indonesia life, I had new story to tell. 
I could imagine their eyes with sparkling of jealousy

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