Wednesday, 14 March 2018

NO BAKE Simplest 2 ingredients OREO CAKE

The reason behind this , one friend of us is a vegetarian. She is on strict vegetarian and egg less diet. Kinda headache when come to her birthday.

“A birthday without cake”, it cannot consider as birthday.

+++Your honorable bakery master of the day +++
Experience : 0 %
Skill : 0 %
Clumsiness : 80 %

Need to admit that I am your future pharmacist , but not a good baker.

The recipe for this egg-less + vegetarian + no bake OREO CAKE is superb-duper simple,
Even I , the bakery idiot can do it without mistake [100% success rate]

RECIPE(Only 2 ingredients) :

-Oreo biscuits x 4 
-Milk (I prefer chocolate milk)  300 ml

Extra (Decoration on cake )
*Melted chocolate
*Condensed milk


1. Crushed all the oreo.Here I mix both flavors , chocolate and original oreo. [Can keep few biscuit for the topping]  Measure 300 ml milk and put in blender.

2. Turn on switch , blend everything. I used chocolate milk , you can replace with plain milk or full cream milk. Then, your cake will be less sweet and  less chocolaty taste compare to mine

3.Pour in the container and steam  for 20 minutes. Poke with chopstick, if not stick on the chopsticks, that mean its cooked.

4.Take it out from the steamer and chill aside.

5. Proceed to decoration. Can put anything as topping, depend individual favorite and creativity. My decoration : marshmallow, oreo crunch, condensed milk, melted chocolate.

The steps are so simple and taste really good. Have a try in the house and let me know.

The final product , 100 % zero failure!!!!

BEHIND THE SCENE of making process

Thanks to my friend for coming and helping me out !!!!

Monday, 12 March 2018

How to archive IDEAL SELF?

The reason I took psychology class, is to understand more about the amazing creature of god, humans and myself.

After the psychology class delivered by Prof. Dr Ibu Lia , I guess my really get to know myself better. I like how the way this subject was delivered to student, more to encourage communication and sharing section between students. From the communication and presentation or description in front class, it helps the students explore more and discover the mystery parts(Blind part and unknown part) , which they never even realize the existence.


            Self image is what I can see in myself. I believe “Nothing is impossible, I will get what I want depend how much my efforts” I m confidence and believe in myself. Once I set a target and I will keep focus on it, make it suggest. Sometimes I will try to push myself , as I wanna know where is the limit of me and is it possible to beyond my limit..I will be happy with small little achievement in life and high self-motivate when came to failure. I learn from my failure in life, and remind myself never repeat it again in future. I glad with myself and be grateful with everything I had.

For the better or more accurately descript myself , I took an online test regarding self esteem on the link
My test result :


First, the factor may influence my self esteem mostly came for the person I care. The doubt of family members or my friends really bring me down sometimes. Because they are importance part of me, so I always wish got the recognization or agreement of them in things I do. In the same time, they encouraging words may be simple but incredible work so well for me. I felt like boost of energy with only one words from them compare to millions of motivation article I read. I hate person fond to sarcastic. For them maybe, it is  a joke or for fun. If the sarcastic went beyond the limit or touch the sensitive issue, I will definitely no pleasant with it. It can drag down confidence level in myself. The negative thinking or discourage from the others , friends , can make me doubt of my own ability too.

IDEAL SELF(My own opinion)
I had lot of ideal self. More appropriately , I had lot of idols in my life which I wish to be. The reasons I m making them as my idols mostly because of their good attitude, good achievement, which I wish to be the same. The ideal self of me kept changed when I grew, every different phases in life. I had different requirement or target I set to myself in every phase or after certain went through experience. It s the fact I tried to improve myself. Its good to get an life idol, as I try to adapt the good part of them. My current idol of life is my pharmacist boss during internship. I impressed with the leadership, good communication , good behavior, good attitude, very organize and high motivation in self. The pharmacist stay humble and respect to the others, never showing off with his knowledge instead willing to share. I guess I found the ideal self in him. I wish to be a pharmacist just like him.

In order to reduce the gap between my self image and ideal self and get myself closer to the ideal of me. The very first of all, I guess I need to improve my self image and self esteem.
The common question people will ask
 “How to improve self image and self esteem?”

Ya, someone they might realize their weakness or their lacking part , but the willingness to make changes is the most importance. Action should sound louder than your voice. Making a change may not easy , but efforts will be pay. “Telling yourself instead staying in your very own comfort zone, its time to step out of this box which limited yourself.” Peoples always said yourself is the biggest enemy you need to go through in order to be success.

Improving self- image. Example improving any skills. No one born to be perfect and know everything. A good skills need times and repeated practice. For myself, I m trying to explore my own potential in things I fond with. I loved music, it clam me and good way to release tension. So I tried to learn music instrument,  guitar.. Sometimes my friends or my family might doubt of my ability, it kinda bring me down sometimes. But always be motivate, I told myself : “Trying for it bring no harm, why not” The more their deny my ability it burn my spiritual to do the best and prove to them.

When I was young , I always put academic or study as the first. But as the time pass, I m realize one things, study and be smart is our responsible. But in future, I need to handle with patients, human being  instead of books/ paper/ laptop. 

  • I m trying to improve my soft skill which I found it will be useful for me in future. I tried to improve my communication skill, good expression and good conversation skill. 
  • I tried to improve my language. Especially\ English. I wish to learn American English so I learned from YouTube. 
  • I like to read article or watch the psychology talking show / YouTube regarding how to be a good listener and be good leader. Strict enough to express our opinions, smart enough to make people agree with it  and avoid those negative outcomes.
This will be truly useful for us when we step in to another level, working phase. How to maintain a  good relationship between human being, coworker, leader  always the headache part. 

  Developing good self-esteem involves encouraging a positive (but realistic) attitude toward yourself and the world around you and appreciating your worth, while at the same time behaving responsibly towards others. 
Self-esteem isn't self-absorption, it's self-respect.
The suggestion is, working from inside out. What does this mean? It actually give meaning of changing your own thinking before changing the other’s. The goal is to build confidence level in yourself. A more positive thinking , accepting who you are is most importance part.

Meanwhile , for a girl , appearance can give big impact in self-esteem. A tidy entire , not need to be the expensive or brand, but should be tidy and comfortable. No necessary to put thick make up on face, but self-hygiene and a smile. Took care of own appearance, it’s a respect for other and our own self. This is what my mum used to told me.

I ever read a book title “What is the different between you and me”, wrote by a very successful business man ranked top 10  in world. I love the book so much, it teach me lot about life. The different between people with high and low self-esteem is , low self-esteem always came with negative thinking and don’t really believe in themselves. “I cannot” always heard from them, self deny. Vise versa people with high esteem will do the opposite. They are so motivated and positive thinking, enough to even influence the other and the environment.

 Most of the time I will correct my own thinking, try to not exaggerated the negative. Whenever this happen, I found method of stand in front mirror and give the motivation word to self it work. Stick the motivation and happy quotes in the corner easy to be seen in room. The motivation words to myself on small sticky paper when ever I feel down.. I stick on mirror in toilet , so I will saw it in the morning during I wash my face/ brush my teeth. Every morning is a new starting of days, which I need to reorganize all the puzzle of problem and try to sort it out.

“No one done no mistakes in life” 
If I ever done mistakes, I will angry with myself. But after that I will try to figure out the solution. The pass is past, nothing we can do with regret or blaming self, but try to solve it. I love a quote
“Blame yourself shortly for the mistakes , but make it as lesson forever. ”
All the problems can be solve, sometimes its about how we deal and which perspective we are. Sometimes try to change your view from another perspective, not to be stubborn to the others critics. Treat yourself better, self-love is most importance.

 Respect cant buy with money but you need to earn it, Respect yourself so the other will respect you too.

 In life, I learned to forgive and accepting advises/ critics. I will filter and take critics in good way , make it a reason to better self.

# I love my age ,
OLD enough to know better,
YOUNG enough not to care,
EXPERIENCE enough to do it right.