Wednesday, 14 March 2018

NO BAKE Simplest 2 ingredients OREO CAKE

The reason behind this , one friend of us is a vegetarian. She is on strict vegetarian and egg less diet. Kinda headache when come to her birthday.

“A birthday without cake”, it cannot consider as birthday.

+++Your honorable bakery master of the day +++
Experience : 0 %
Skill : 0 %
Clumsiness : 80 %

Need to admit that I am your future pharmacist , but not a good baker.

The recipe for this egg-less + vegetarian + no bake OREO CAKE is superb-duper simple,
Even I , the bakery idiot can do it without mistake [100% success rate]

RECIPE(Only 2 ingredients) :

-Oreo biscuits x 4 
-Milk (I prefer chocolate milk)  300 ml

Extra (Decoration on cake )
*Melted chocolate
*Condensed milk


1. Crushed all the oreo.Here I mix both flavors , chocolate and original oreo. [Can keep few biscuit for the topping]  Measure 300 ml milk and put in blender.

2. Turn on switch , blend everything. I used chocolate milk , you can replace with plain milk or full cream milk. Then, your cake will be less sweet and  less chocolaty taste compare to mine

3.Pour in the container and steam  for 20 minutes. Poke with chopstick, if not stick on the chopsticks, that mean its cooked.

4.Take it out from the steamer and chill aside.

5. Proceed to decoration. Can put anything as topping, depend individual favorite and creativity. My decoration : marshmallow, oreo crunch, condensed milk, melted chocolate.

The steps are so simple and taste really good. Have a try in the house and let me know.

The final product , 100 % zero failure!!!!

BEHIND THE SCENE of making process

Thanks to my friend for coming and helping me out !!!!