Saturday, 8 January 2022

Retail pharmacist vs Hospital pharmacist which one better ?

Hi everyone after disappeared for a decade long times.

Very apologize for not replying your comments , but I will read through all slowly and reply within this few days.

After switching my occupation from hospital pharmacist to retail pharmacist.

Honestly , I need sometimes to readjust myself either mentally or physically. 

Since few of my friends was asking and interest with my journey. Here I have concluded few questions and answers ,  For those who plan to quit government /still hesitate , hope this can give you guys some guides.

10 questions frequently asked by my friends to me.

Retail pharmacist vs Hospital pharmacist which one better ?

1. Knowledge

Sorry to said. Hospital practice more on clinical and prescribed by doctor. Hospital pharmacist more to obey to what was written in the prescription letter. Argument with doctor on dose or regime or frequency , if the doctor insist pharmacist cant do anything, its helpless sometimes. 

Retail , you are the one will select medicine that suitable with customer. Retail have much of choices than hospital, from expensive to generic brand , different brand to different ingredient , medicine to supplement , from oral to tropical ..ect . In another way , you need to accomplished yourself with good knowledge and good judgement. Just in case if the customer feedback no improvement , you can choose better treatment ,as pharmacist know well about thier babies = medicine . When face to face conversation with customer , pharmacist can give appropriate counseling point , combine with good diet , lifestyle and supplement. It definitely better than only dispend medicine. When recieve good feedback from customer, self satisfied can be good mental supplement for retail pharmacist.

2. Workload

It so obvious when u compare the number of patients in hospital with customers in pharmacy. The fact is hospital will busier , I think double , triple or...ect. The good things in retail have more time to really dig out those issue, cause or history and ...ect . All this help much on your judgement , in order to select the most appropriate and effective treatment and management

3. Stress

The stress-ness did exist in both. If you wan me to compare both , I would said not much different. More or less the same , in hospital more to stress with workload and communication with nurse/ doctor. In retail, I learned new things, very important is management skill and leadership skill. I was applied pharmacist (branch manager ft stock keeper  ) In some point , I need to have good leadership to lead my team to archive target and build good team work. That is the harder part for me. I can be a good worker , but not a good leader. There still lot lacking in mine , I aware of this and try to improve myself.

4. Salary 

HEheheheeh.......thats the must question by almost everyone. I will keep as secret here. 
Actually retail can earn more , that is true. Also it depend on the company and how much they offered. 
I did some homework survey the average salary from jobstreet, I concluded a range 4.5 k to 8k above, not included extra commission  or bonus. So bare in mind to get all those clear during interview or before your sign the contract with company. It important to protect your own profit.

5.  Target 

Retail is business based , business minded big boss. Of course they will set target ,either daily monthly or yearly. It can be stressful , or u can change a way of thinking. Make it as positive push beyond the our limit or step out from comfort zone. Even cant hit sale target , still company wont fired you. When the business dragged down , boss might have some passionate encouraging talk to you minutes to hours.  
A good company or partner ,should have help your to solve or find solution together instead of blaming all on you only. 

6. Are you happy ?

I m happy , at least better than in government. For people that know me, my personality that goes well  with retail. Why I said so?

 I m talkative , like to have interaction or communication with people , can be any topics , business, politic, education, recently new ...ect. Well concern with everyone came to my pharmacy. I hope can do somethings to make them feel better, what I do is for they own good. Customer can sensed it as well. I m enjoy with my routine.

7. How to link sale ?

 For retail pharmacy , other than dispensing and counseling , another important skill should be link sale skill. We have specific of homebrand.  This the question I asked my boss on my interview, he gave me a good answer. We can link sale for customer goodness, not need to guilty instead we can find a balancing between , link sale and professional . First should have good understand for all your homebrand, Self experiment can be a good way to convince and build the confident yourself toward product. Strictly suggest only for customer that need it professionally , prohibited link sale only for purpose of target or ect.

8. How long i took to adapt ?

Its not that long , I took 3 months to get used to everything. Still everyday I learning new things on new product , on how to handle certain situation, and management part. In future I will learn more, experience is worthless, and now I m gained little by little. In upcoming 2 years, I can see myself a better pharmacist and still holding on  my passion.

I m getting bit tired typing in front laptop on my day off . 

Should have chill and watch my korea drama. Soooo.. I think will be end here first.

Or perhaps you guys can give me a help  with what question for 9 -10. I will select from the comments : )

For the question 9 - 10 , will be update next time.