Saturday, 1 April 2017


Tangkuban Perahu is located north of the city of Bandung, the provincial capital of West Java, Indonesia. The distance of 30 km from Bandung city, 1 hours journey took to reach there. The average daily temperature might achieved 17 C day time  , 2 C night time. It categorized as stratovolcano (active valcano) which still under the observation by Director Volcanology Indonesia. Few of the carters still giving the signs of volcano’s activities by few small eruptions, spewed ash happened from time to time.

The name of Tangkuban perahu translated into English give meaning of “Upturned boat”, this how people related with its distinctive shape.Nevertheless , there was a legend from the old generation regarding this beautiful Tangkuban Perahu.The legend of Sangkuriang, who fall in love with his own mother, Dayang Sumbi. Dayang Sumbi gave a tough task for Sangkuriang to make a dam and boat  within one day, in order to prevent marriage from taking place. Sangkuriang was angry about his failure, kicked the damn and boat leading creation of Tangkuban Perahu from the hull.

We reached there 8 something in the morning. I saw the blazing sunshine from car. Never believe what you see, at the moment I get down from  car. It was freaking cold. Not to mention, I was wearing crop top and short pant. The wind wasn’t kidding, strong and cold enough, came with the sulfur fumes. I was holding my hat all the time, freaked the wind might took my favorite hat to the bottom of mount.
ΓΌ  Suggested to put on sunblock/ suncream , the wind is cold enough to make you unrealized sunburn under UV exposure. By the time you back to car, you will regret for getting tanned skin as me .
Sorry for my mumbling , but just wanna show you how strong the wind was.

When we were there, lot of  the seller of handicrafts approached us. Please please remember, don’t ever try to be friendly with them. We learned our lesson, once you make the eyes contact., you had became the target. Every of the seller came near to us, and selling their stuff.
The most terrible mistakes we done, we received an offer from the seller to tour guide us around the mount. He had been so helpful, took lot photos for  us, and bring us around, introducing the place. When he took my camera from me, I started to gain alert. I kept worry he will just run away with my camera.

Fortunately, he dint. After those tour, he started to promoting his handcrafts, and selling to us. The feeling of guilty overpower inside me, I did offer him tips (money).He refused,  stated they are not allowed to receive money. He kept following us around. We awared this and he terrified us. I kept apologize and give hand  signal we don’t want to buy. We back to the car and locked it. All of them gather outside the car for a while. Coincidentally, one bus of tourists arrived and they changed their target. Such a relief.

The view is awesome, can’t define it with words. Again, the great art creature of god amaze me. Because the sellers , we decided to leave the place as fast as possible after few photos. If not, I would like to stay longer , stare at this beautiful view of Queen Crater from top of mount.
According to our driver, Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano with three craters into which areas tourists can walk through. These three craters are: Kawah Ratu ("Queen Crater"), Kawah Domas ("Domas Crater"), and Kawah Upas ("Upas Crater"). Nowdays Queen Crater the only crater without extra charge for visit. Domas Crater and Upas Crater offered extra charge for the entry and transport into the crater. Tourists can go down into the Domas Crater where exist many hot geysers in which they can boil eggs and .

The entry fees for Tangkuban perahu is different for local and foreigner. It costed 20 k rp for local while 250 k for foreigner, almost 10 times of price. Really need to think twice for visiting.I realized the benefit of my student ID card. As I’m student in Indonesia, so I was paying with local price, 20 k rp for both of us. They really checked well for my identity when I showed  my student ID card, they even ask for my passport to double confirm.  So total we paid is 85 k rp for the entry 3 peoples+ car parking(25 k)