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Secrets of the Top 3 Brands of Water Filter In Malaysia

*Overly Cheap is not good, but too expensive is not too good as well.*

Water Purifiers has become one of those expensive necessities which you Must have these days in your houses! Companies charge extremely high for their water purifiers as it usually comes with those extra services they provide after the sale! This is why we want You to Choose wisely and not make the wrong decision.
We all know we must purify our water before we drink it right? But the problem is choosing the right water purifier.
It is a tricky choice to make without a guide, and this is why this article is very important. In this post, you will get to see why you need one of three of Malaysia’s top water purifier and nothing less.
First off, why does our water need purification? Because of Impurities.
Impurities which needs to be eliminated include
• toxic metals (lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, chromium, copper, etc.).
• Additive (chlorine, chloramine, fluoride)
• by products of chlorination (trihalomethanes or THM)
• organic compounds including VOC (fuels, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, herbicides,)
• Bacteria and viruses (Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc.).
• Radioactive substances such as radon and uranium.
If you are using municipal water, you will find that the contaminants tend to be:
• fluoride
• chloramines
• chlorine
• THM (trihalomethanes)
• volatile organic compounds- VOC
If you use water from a well, the most common contaminants you will find include:
• VOC (volatile organic compounds)
• Bacteria and viruses
• Particles such as dirt, pieces of leaves, etc
• Radioactive substances

The effectiveness of different types of water filters 

Pitcher filters:
The Pitcher style filter, like Brita filters, are economic units, which have made them quite popular. But in the long run, it is actually one of the more expensive options. Filter cartridges require regular replacement - the cost per 40 gallons is Rm 21-50 per or Rm 290- Rm 690 per 750 gallons.
Almost all the pitcher style filters which is known use the GAC or ‘granulated activated carbon’ as a medium for filtration. Typically, the GAC is a coconut shell which has been heated to quite a high temperature in the absence of oxygen and then granulated. These filters remove some chlorine and hydrogen sulfides - which have a rotten egg odor but are not effective in VOC, metal, pesticides or fluoride removal. In general, they are not very effective for water filters
Faucet filter:
The filters that are connected to kitchen faucet are similar to the pitcher filter, but they are better at filtration than the pitcher style filter. However, they have the same problems - which are cheap but do not eliminate many contaminants. You would replace filters at every 100 liters at Rm 60- Rm 120 each or replace Rm 420- Rm 580 for 700 gallons.
This is why this post is very important, so you would see the best and quite affordable water filters. the best water filters. These filters are excellent in removing chlorine, byproducts of chlorine, volatile organic compounds, fluoride, pesticides, particulates and also pharmaceuticals. These filters use filter materials which are readily available".

There are many risks to health and diseases that one can contract from dirty water. And the great need for water purification has stimulated the development of many water filtration systems around the world. With this modern facility, families can filter water in their homes. Aqua Kent Water Purifier is a system that can meet both your needs and your budget in order to protect your family and kids from waterborne diseases. If you anticipate a water filtering system to buy, either for personal or professional use, it is advised to check that the Filter system is top notch and Kent water purifier makes the difference.

Aqua Kent water purifier against other brands

There are many different brands of filtering and purifying systems. When Kent was introduced into the Malaysian market, it was the price factor which led many people to go for the Kent brand as it had advanced cleaning system at a good price. When people saw Kent's superior filtering abilities, the number of customers kept rising – those who love Kent have reported that as against other brands when it comes to water purification and filtration systems, it is far ahead. Visit for more info.
Kent water purifier is available in several models with a superior performance to other brands. Aqua Kent Water Filters are capable of purifying water from various sources including municipal tap, overhead storage tanks and bore wells. Using Mineral RO Technology, 0.0001microns of chemicals such as arsenic and fluoride is removed while retaining essential Minerals, which are important for health. For the Kent Grand Plus and the Under Counter Kent Excell, this is done by their famous Tds Controller which allow Minerals to be retained in your water while removing the rest! For the Kent Maxx and Kent Ultra the UV (Ultra Violet) Light kills all viruses and bacterias along with the carbon and sediment filtration to remove chlorine and larger particles. It also includes an alkaline filter to allow for the water to be mild-alkaline which is good for the immune system. And therefore With Aqua Kent, you get 100 percent pure water with essential Minerals.
Cost Considerations Kent Water Filter
There are several types of Kent filters and all of them are made with the latest technologies. Although there are some slight differences in terms of models, cost, features, and looks, you can be sure of the best quality from the various Kent models. You can choose among the best models such as, Kent Grand+, pearl, Maxx, Under Counter Kent excel and Jem and the Kent supreme.  The filtered water is free from contamination and impurities but the essential minerals remain – this is a healthier way to drinking clean water without compromise.

Product Buy In Price Ranging from Rm500 – Rm2000.
For Rental  Packages the contract is for 2.5years only.

Coway water filter
The Villaem CHP-O8AR has a stronger filtration performance, but low energy consumption and is also a water temperature controllable. The night mode sensor reduces power consumption when detecting a dim light environment. It uses amazing Reverse osmosis and has an amazing six steps filter system
Coway Alkaline Water Purifiers uses the best technology available in this era. The first alkaline ionizing water having a cold-chiller temperature. Combines hybrid and nano purifier, this is the first of its kind. The first alkaline water purifier has a modern design. If a doctor recommends then this is the product as it has an upper alkaline water PH8 and above.

The Advanced Composite Filter SF which has a 3-step Filtration System Provides Quality purified Water. It has a direct connection to the faucet which provides 4 liters of water a minute without storage tank giving you speedy water consistently. It has a non-electric direct drinking system to get access immediately especially during those parch moments. The SF filter has the function to remove chlorine, chlorinated hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dissolved inorganic impurities and other harmful contaminants.

Easy to use
It is easy to install and easy to maintain. When the filters need to be changed, there’s an indicator to indicate. The compact size and elegant design make it easy to place almost anywhere.
Cost Considerations for Coway
It has an Easy installation with tap adapter kit and no additional plumbing work is required. However filter changes are steep as their filters are expensive.
Product Price ranging from Rm2400 - Rm4400 . Rental contract for 5.5years only.

Cuckoo water purifier
What we generally require from a water filter is simple- clean and healthy water.
All the water filter purifier from Cuckoo uses the latest filter technology, which doesn’t only give you clean but also a healthy water. Filtered water from the cuckoo seems to be good as well.
In addition, the water filter provides some mild-alkaline water which is useful and safe for the internal system of the body.
The slightly alkaline water is healthy as drinking water. It is generated by electrolysis from water ionizers. The alkaline water contains molecular hydrogen which is produced from the negative electrode (cathode). There are many names for this water, including alkaline water, ionized water, alkaline ionized water, cathodic water, Kangen water, water electrolytes and many others.

Cost Considerations Cuckoo Water Purifier

Cuckoo also combines cost effectiveness with a utility function and is very easy to use and assemble. There is no prior knowledge of the use of this water purifier.
All the above water purifiers have the best technology and you do not need to break the bank to purchase. You do not need to sacrifice your health because of cost.
Product Price ranging from Rm2500 – Rm4999. Rental contract for 5 years.

There you have it ! Now before you get out there, don’t just buy the most famous brand. Just because its expensive doesn’t mean that it has the best filtration system. Research wisely and then Get your perfect one!
Hope this helps!

About the author :
You can call me xpheonix.  A Graduate with the highest scores in the English language.  With my skills and knowledge, I have built a passion to research about the latest trends and help provide the Malaysian society with the Real Facts! There are many out there to cheat you, but I will make sure you don't get cheated!

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Friday, 18 August 2017

Water Rafting #Summer School ITB Pharmacy

I never been water rafting before, kinda nervous and excited toward it. I knew nothing about water rafting , I dint even knew how to swim,”Oh Gosh”. This was a totally new experience for me.
Sunday morning, we reached the Water Rafting Ciwedey. The drive was long almost 4 hours The road toward the place wasn’t good , but the greenish tea plantation and  small village view along the way was pleasant.I did sleep for few hours  in the van to boost up my energy for the upcoming extreme activities.

We served with warm ginger tea and kuih(Indonesia pastry ).Put our beg and change in to the proper attire. Their dint really set a rule for the dressing code, but personally advice to wear something  tight and long enough to cover your arm and leg. The water rafting took almost 1 hour , it will be freaking cold when you got wet , in the same time might got sunburn due long expose under sun light .

UV is bad. It cause girl’s aging of skin and sunburned. Applied a thin layer of waterproof sun block really help to prevent it.

We gathered at the open area small field. They gave us detail direction and instruction, and safety direction during water rafting. They told us in Bahasa Indonesia, glad one of our friends help to translate it in English. 
We had been divided in several group, and grabbed the safety jacket and safety cap for each. They really check on how we wear it and help us to adjusted and fasten it in proper way.

Now its time to water rafting!! First , lets took a picture on our smart attire before water rafting. The one on the right was our group’s professional assistant. He will guide us will few  specific order direction and make sure we were safe and enjoying  the water rafting.

The direction order , When he gave the order of :
-          “BOOM”   (bend ourselves down )
-          “KIRI”  (Move to the left)
-          “KANAN” (Move to the right)
-          “GOYANG GOYANG” (Shaking and bouncing ourselves on the boat)
-          “KEMBALI” (Back to our origin position)

 Normally the water rafting I saw in television , all of the passengers will be given paddler. Kinda curious , the assistant was the only one with paddler, we were not. However, I think this was better , even I had been given a paddler , I m pretty sure I wont used it and may loss it during the water rafting time. Better for me to do nothing but holding on the boat.

Very fun, I felt like myself  in side the washing machine.The peaks and valleys of calm waters and crazy rapids made for a truly fantastic day.I shouted so much and I drank much water especially when this area.

The cap of mine kinda lose , so you can saw me hold my cap in most of the photos.

You weren't getting thrashed about for hours at a time, there was plenty of time to relax and enjoy the absolutely GORGEOUS scenery, but there was still plenty of excitement to be had!

Our guide was a really calm man which  confident and professional personality. The way of he playing with the  paddler in the rapid like steering , was absolutely phenomenal! I kinda admitted we were good in obey to his instruction too.

The photographers worth so much of praises.  Salute for their hard work, run few miles with camera to capture the best moments of us. He transferred  2.5  G of the photos and video soft copy for our group water rafting in pendrive.  Every single pieces of photo and video tells big story of our friendship.

Those ready printed photo available in half A4 paper size, with price of 15k per pieces.  I will treasure this sweet memories together , never forgotten.
After almost 1 hour ++ of water rafting, we were exhausted and very hungry. Backed to the wooden house , showered and got change into dry clothes. 

The lunch was prepared , classic Indonesia meals. The lunch also included in the water rafting package.

 I sure most of you will be interest to know the price

Tea time(KUIH + Ginger tea)  + Water Rafting + Lunch + Photo@Video soft copy =   175K rp person

#make sure booked the place 2-3 days before, they need to prepare for the food.

The view of the lake , calm and peaceful.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Gambling Lakeside Ciwedey # Summer Course ITB Pharmacy

It became one of  tourist attraction in Ciwedey , typically for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, natural or built beauty, offering leisure, adventure and amusement. Big attraction is the big ship that actually stand alone in the middle of tea plantation and beside the lake. 

First time I saw this view, it remind me of one movie

“Pirate of Caribbean"

It looks really cool !!

Long entry for crossing the bridge , that connecting earth to ship. A worker will guard us in front the bride.Only 10 peoples for each turn, overload not good for the bridge. The bridge kinda swing in big wave to left and right, when we were making our step forward. I walked  carefully.

During the photo section I even hold my breath. No idea why I hold my breath , but I kept doing this along the bridge. What a relieve when I finally reached another side # finally can inhale and exhale normally. Perhaps I thought of holding breath could help to reduce the swing(Actually it dint help at all) It was another psychology reflex, which I did something to get myself felt secure, even I realize it dint help.

 Inside the big ship, they were actually running a restaurant business inside. The crowds were non-stop, I bet the owner of the restaurant really make good earning, as everyone was seeking for this extraordinary dining experience.

This ship remind me of “Pirate of Caribban”, but it seem to be different for my friend. The ship remind her of the “Titanic”. After few times request , I obeyed.  Fulfill her dream  act in the classic scene representative of “Titanic”, I m the Hero and she is the Heroine. This really look weird HAAHAH

Down of the ship, tea plantation and lake side. A big area of it where you can walk around and took photo. 

This is Rancabali Gambling lakeside, few of the water activities here: ride in small boat around the lake.

A few of the human being PIKACHU and ANNA(FROZEN) hanging around that area. While not to be bad, but it’s the walking ANNA was really scary maybe because the hair. The PIKACHU look like lose its ear and its kinda funny. Sorry guys , this is very honest review from me : they need to fix the costume ,make it more adorable instead that scary. HAHAHHAHAH

#Still I had no idea , lot of kids love to take photo with them.#

 Tea Plantation area down part of the ship

Another well spent day with the group # CIWEDEY

Monday, 14 August 2017

Kawah putih Ciwidey # Summer Course ITB Pharmacy

Early morning trip to Kawah Putih Ciwidey, with the fellow Summer Course friends.

Briefly introduce a bit regarding of KAWAH PUTIH(White Crater) is a striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater about 50 km south of Bandung in West Java in Indonesia. Kawah Putih lake is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha, an andesitic stratovolcano , which is a composite volcano. 
Another special of Kawah Putih crater is a acidic lake and white colour sand. Kawah Putih highly acid lake which changes colour from bluish to whitish green, or brown, depending on the concentration of sulfur and the temperature or the oxidation state.The sand and rocks surrounding the lake have been also leached into whitish colours through interaction with the acidic lake waters . Another nature of beauty that explained by chemical reaction theory. This is cool.

Too much of tourists were taking photo under the "KAWAH PUTIH" big sign. Emy was waiting so long for her turn. So Emy choose to take photo opposite road, Emy is smart , Please be like Emy. ^....^


 Once we reached there, even the sun look blazing hot. It’s only illusion, the cool air hit against my face refreshing and cold. The smell wasn’t pleasant, like some one fart in the air, the sulphur smell was strong.

My lecturer  told me the temperature 22C for day , and might came to 5 C even lower in night. The sun was so blazing while I m freezing. Luckily I brought a thick jacket with me. Kinda worry for those tourists  in their short pants or thin singlet. Wondering were their leg felt cold.

Kawah putih crater need a short distance travel by the those orange colour van. Riding in the van all along the small road to top, was total new adrenaline increase, thrilling experience for me ,but I saw my male friends kinda enjoy it. The driver was driving a van like a Jungle truck,we were swept to left and right , back and front. The journey took 15 minutes, I felt to throw out my breakfast. HAHAHA


The colour of lake and sand very pretty. Imaging a photo of me swimming in lake with bikini and sunglass on head. It will be awesome instagram photo. BUT!!!! Keep in mind, this is highly acidic lake, I guess I will came out as skeleton after swim HAHAAH.!!  NO SWIMMING !!!! ITS VERY DANGEROUS!!!!

The smell of fart was getting stronger. Sellers were selling the face mask all along the way. Other than mask , they sell volcano cream, sulphur , and offering photo-shoot  service.

We were taking few selfies in the middle of small stairs, without knowing this actually cause temporary "Traffic jam ". A long queue behind of me when I turned my head back. All I did was kept apologize to my friends behind of me. 


After 1 hour of spending time, walk around and took photos. Again we took same orange van to back. All of us were stuck in this little small van, like a sandwich. Can you spotted ? No door , only one small stainless steel chain secured between the space (door)

There were lot of shops in  both side of us. They were selling, souvenirs, clothes, toys, food, snacks and fruits. While waiting for another group of us came, I had a look from shop to shop , searching for somethings interesting.

 Big Foot cuddle only 50K rp
(Considered of the bus was small and no extra space , I dint buy and I m regretting of it!!)

I m a strawberry lover. The strawberry really catch my attention, and blueberry too. They offered good price for 2 boxes  40k rp and  I paid without hesitated. I silent for awhile, as the shop next to me actually offered 3 boxes for 50 k rp.


A mistake of mine HAHA(Even the price had not much different, but the  feeling of paying more wasn’t good . Anyone same with me?)

Ice cream in the cold weather was swaggggg ^.......^