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9 tips Travel to Indonesia # You must do before travel to Indonesia

9 tips Travel to Indonesia # You must do before travel to Indonesia

I m writing this blog , behalf of the Malaysian student which currently study in Indonesia. We know better when came to all sort of travel trips. Experience when my first came to Indonesia was horrible, as nobody as a guide. Honestly ,we definitely and went through lot of hardships/problem. Soon we gained the lessons. Here I will became the guide and summary all into 9 tips.

Must Read Before Travel To Indonesia.

1.            Never bring bunch of cashes with you during travel, it might invited harm.

Debit/Credit card is safe and convenience
, compare to cash. Also, Maybank/ Cimb are common banks in Asian country, if you are one of the bank holder.Perhaps can activated oversea usage, so can withdraw cash from the ATM in Indonesia too without oversea withdraw fee.(If I had not mistaken).Or maybe you can bring the cash from own country as emergency back up.Same amount value of money but will be more thicker when change into rupiah, so I prefer to bring few pieces US dollar to keep my purse slim. When I m out of money, I can change it in the money changer. Find the big/ trustable money changer as they normally offer higher changing rate compare the other.

2.            Get yourself supir/ local tourguide(A supir better than map)

This is very importnace no matter your go to any place. When come to a strange place, a tourguide/ local friends  will be very helpful. Local people know well about the places and price, much better than us in especially in ‘bargain’ , get cheaper price. Without their guide , normally we end up with extra charge/ higher price.
In Indonesia, you can rent a car with driver(supir) either daily or half day. Normally the driver will suggested you the nice places around and give some guides regarding the places.This is tip how to get driver and also tourguide in one pay. As long as my travel, I found most of the supir are very polite/friendly and excited when came to introduce us about his country. They used to point us as ibu/ babak in conversation , it shown their respect. (Thats one of the polite culture I found)

3.            Learn  language understand the cultures

Hey you who are reading this post, congrats!!! Atleast you show your efforts / do research before your travel. Importance for you to learn the language as not everyone speak English well, simple Indonesia language will be fine. Indonesia is a country enrich with the beauty of tradisional culture, understand the culture so prevent from act something st*pid, which might get the local citizen angry. Becareful with your behavior and respect to the local sentiments.

4.            Say No to street food   

Street food look yummm, but never let the curiosity overcome your conscionese when come to food. Pick well a clean restoran, order food which well cook and dont go for the spicy food. Street food absolutely a NO to us, foreigners. As most of the foreigner definately will get diarrhea / stomach upset after their street food meal. If you wish to spend most of your travel finding for toilet, I wont stop you.

5.            Download grabcar/ uber gojek apps.

Here I would like to introduce 3  online transport apps, which so useful and cheap. The price is stated and fix in the app, can minimize chance to fool by driver with higher charge. I fall in love once I use it especially GOJEK( ONLINE MOTORCYCLE TRANSPORT). Ride on motorbike and pass through the crowd traffic was another level of experience. Motorcycle  also time saving compare to car in traffic jam.

6.            Proper clothes

For your information, Indonesia is an Islamic country. Not to say prohibited wearing shorts or singlet.But as respect to them, we need to  pick proper entire which not so seksi. And for ladies wearing too expose might invited harm or those uneccesary flirt / whispers from the other.

7.            Act like a local,even you are not. 

That is phenomena in business, which charge more when you are foreigner. For Asian , we can still act as Indonesia local citizen, Asian look quite similar. The tricks is by using only body language , no talk , act steady and calm. Once you speak, straight away can detect you not an Indonesians. It wasn't that I m cheapskate, It just that no worth it to get charge higher just because we are foreigner. Sometimes bargain work well on certain sellers.

8.            Visa for Indonesia

Indonesia has free visa for around 160++ country , kindly check if your country was included as well.

9.            Buy yourself a local sim card, and internet data.

The sim card in Indonesia wont cost you much. Having sim card and internet , get you connected with each other and keep safe. Normally sim card selling in airport more expensive, dont buy in airport.


What to do my puppy vomit and diarrhea?

Last weekend, we planned a family outing to Genting Highland Pahang day trip. We left our beloved little brother,KOPI (Puppy’s name) at home with a bowl of dog crackers and water. It would definitely enough for 1 day.

So,we left without any hesitated. Next day, the puppy welcoming us weak wave of tail, that was strange. It looked sick and weak . Laid there and breathed heavily.
The food in bowl was untouched, with few gross watery substances on floor, suspected the vomit. Instead, could see the watery poops around the garden. At first , we really thought it might been poison / ingested some pesticide.
The blood poops. It smelled stink, fishy smell.

However, when I was cleaning the floor.The mystery solved. Could  found bones in vomits. (It remind me about our last dinner was pork feet )

What was so importance about the last dinner?

“Yup actually when your dog had been allergy / food poisoning / not feeling well, normally the veterinary will asked to know the last meal. Most of the vomit and diarrhea symptoms related with the food the dog took.”
For my puppy case, it actually our fault. We did gave few of the pork big bones for it. Well, I suspected the puppy too small, instead of chew it well, it simply swallowed it in the big chunks. The big fragment of bones, cause some digestion problem in the stomach. The worst , it might hurt/poked the stomach lining and cause inflammation, end up to be gastroenteritis.

This is one of the reasons why the dog kept on vomit and diarrhea. It basically couldn’t  ingested any food/ water. Even it drank only few sips of water, it end up throw out everything. When there nothing inside the stomach it even throw out yellow liquid, gastric juice when ever it tried to drink water. Looked at the skinny body , hurt in my heart.
Its very emergency. Unfortunately it was weekend night and all the clinic closed, they requested us to make an appointment on Monday. 2 days more, I m not sure could it make through it.

Emergency rescues steps I done to my dog.

1. Check for the dehydration.

Puppies tend to dehydrate faster than adult dog. Refer on the internet; I check the skin elasticity for the dehydration level. The skin took few second longer than before back to origin after stretched indicated dehydration condition. Another method, check on the gum. The dehydration dog shown pink salmon gum with thin film of saliva. Pressed on the gum and release,to see the capillary refilled time, normally dehydration condition took more than 10- 15  seconds. If your dog fulfilled all the dehydration requirements on top, please hurry up refer to veterinary.
My condition, I am using my general medical knowledge. I make an instant “oral rehydration solution” for the dog. When too much of vomit and diarrhea, it loss water and electrolytes in body. The body need salt for body function, and sugar as glucose- energy supply. So mix with the ratio of 1: 3 for salt: sugar and dilute with water. Feed the dog with springe in very small amount ,cause we dun wish to stimulate the vomit again. Another alternative way, I put  little bit of syrup / honey in the month to give glucose (energy source)

2. Check for the gastro- upset.

Press on the stomach and investigated the reaction of dog. It gave those uncomfortable reaction when you press on stomach indicated might due to pain sensation. When hit on the stomach, hear the sound , as there was air inside , it mean bloating/might due to food poisoning.
Non stop vomiting even one sip of water, watery blood vomit.
I suspected my dog might hurt the stomach due to ingest sharp and hard bone, it give pain sensation when I press on the stomach. Also I heard the drooling sound in tummy. I gave the dog 1/5 of the250 Magnesium trisilicate tablet to relieve the gastric juice act toward stomach. It supposed to chew and swallow, but due to its condition, I diluted in water first.

3. Check for  fever symptoms. 

By touching on the body , my puppy body temperature extremely  high and running nose, extremely weak.  ( The normal healthy will normally having dry nose) Another general knowledge to indicated your pet healthy status, instead the by those abnormal activities, the physical appearance also give sign. Easier by observing the fur/hair. Sick pet normally shown messy and fur , shown not as shining /as glossy as usual. These apply for cat and dog.
My puppy body temperature was higher than before, and I assumed it was having fever. So,  I gave 1/5 of the 500mg paracetamol tablet by dissolving in water.

4. The vomit sensation

 The dog not cure even I tried to feed as small as possible amount of water. It throw out again and again, including those medication. The concept of vomit is when the food/water go down in  the stomach, it enhance the stretch of stomach muscle and expelled it.
Finally , no choices, I feed it with 1/5 anti-vomit medication, Loperamide tablet, to stop the vomit. . It really need to go to veterinary as fast as possible and get infusion of glucose, to stop dehydration. If dehydration continues it might cause die.

5. Applied the 12 hours fasting rules for dog

Small amount of water and glucose allowed. After 12 hours, when the condition get better. I feed it with those blend diet, small amount but frequent. Suggested meal, porridge and boiled chicken. I make the quite watery porridge and chopped the chicken in really small, reduce the work of stomach as much as possible. Prevent to give something like hard or hard to digested , like biscuit.

6. Restricted the meal/diet until the situation get better.

 Slowly back to normal meal, in the same time keep an eyes on any improvement. If the condition turned bad , straight away bring to vet.

Monday , the condition was still unstable. I really thought we gonna loss it.
We rushed  it to the vet clinic early in the morning. A pretty veterinary with big eyes , and  talk in lovely voice came . She suspected the dog might infected with certain types of virus / bacteria(infection), she prescribed antibiotic injection +  anti emetic medicine with addition of one vitamin C injection to enhance the body immune system.

Blessed god, the puppy is now  as healthy as before.

Good appetite and sleep. It recovered very fast. 

*I am just sharing my experience when urgent , please not to refer it. Veterinary always the best choices for your pets*

Friday, 16 June 2017

Hutan Raya Haji Juanda

The hiking trip planned for so long. Packed study schedule always make it delayed. I m glad ,I  finally make it, even though the hiking gang seem lesser than origin.
Best and exhausted hiking ever. 5 hours of hiking , not a very proud record of  mine, but it was a great beginning.

Introduce my gang, Seokun (Korean, Economy communication student), Yinsu(Malaysian, Dentisty student), Pree(Malaysian, Pharmacy student),Yuva(Malaysian, Senior pharmacy student).
Once we brought The entry tickets, we divided to two group as we were heading different destination.  We planned for Maribaya waterfall, while they planned to Tebing Keraton (another beautiful destination). The path to Maribaya way more ‘easy’ suitable for a beginner like me, compare to Tebing Keraton.  Mariya waterfall will be first ,the next should be Tebing Keraton.
I admitted the hectic study schedule did make me left my sport for so long. I m pretty sure my athlete stamina once in my soul was totally vanished.
No kidding , I used to be an athlete in marathon and all kind of running competition, once legend of school. The school field written by all my victory . (Erhemm.. perhaps I will share you my school story next time)

With those white pants and dress, and fancy accessories, some of them not for hiking, but for photo-shoot I guess. Not to claim we are in proper entire too, atleast we put on our sport shoes. ( I kinda overslept again, so not much time to actually prepare myself in the early morning.)

In this cyberhood generation,  I like to take photo on what I do. You know, upload to social media with lot of #hasttag. That’s the reason, I brought my camera with me , fully charged  battery. That’s was one of the reason why we took more time compare the other to reach destination when we too busy for photo.

Coincidently , we bumped in to one big group of university hiking trip, found out we headed to same destination. We introduced and shaking hands sections, now we were friends. Without hesitated , fused ourselves in to the big group. New friends make the hiking more interesting.

The monkeys really not a joke. They look wild and fearless, which make us scare. Few times of short run and gasping , to away from those monkeys.  They came in group and “robbed ” foods and stuffs shamelessly.
All those fear,laugh, and sweats we shared. It took us 5 hours, tired but still very satisfying.