Thursday, 20 July 2017

# Beauty Diary My Galaxy hair : Ombre Purple-Green

I bored with my same hair color, so 

"I make a huge mind for big transformation"

 I got my hair done in salon last week. Bleached and dyed.

I came to salon with this photo. I planned to cut and ombre purple lower part of my hair.

But the result is this.

Green purple hair

I end up with 3 color, purple upper part , middle part blue and last part green,highly recommended  by the salon’s aunty,one friend of my mum.

The aunty's whisper make up my mind : ”Young come once in life. Why don’t you try something new when you still young, I bet you wont have chance to do it when you are old. Don’t worry, trust me , I have the best skill and color taste. ”

She shown me 6 type of pattern , I fond of #1 and # 4.  At the last ,I picked No #1.

For school reason, I wish my dye not be too showing.I choose play trick to hide it. I got my inner layer done ,outer layer kept with the origin brown color

#1 Inner part with layers of dye

#2 Highlight with 3 dyes for whole 

# 3 Half - half concept

#4 Layers of dyes at the lower part of hair

#5 Layers of dyes for whole

#6 Highlight of dyes at the lower part 

First concern of my friends when saw my hair ,  how many times did I bleached?

As you know bleaching give huge damage to hair, so I decided to go with only one time bleached. I really prefer healthy look hair and shinny . The result came out with kinda different than what I expected . The aunty told, color varies for individual and  depend how many times of bleaching.

More bleaching , the color more showing , more pigmented. In the same time more damage. I think my hair after bleach was between stage orange and yellow.

Even not what I expected it to be, but I love it.

Green purple hair

I can put my hair down when attending to those very serious ceremony or interview. It look more polite, it still showing few inches of green when the wind blow. I found this kinda sweet. 

When I m outing with friends/ party, I can tie my hair up the inner layer will show up. The colorful dye , hide in the brown hair.This totally change my style.

I can either be a polite school student or galaxy girl, in a split of moment.

Green purple hairGreen purple hair

Under the sun , color more pop out.

Green purple hair

Indoor, the color show more dimmer .

The color is nice, excess care need. The first few day after dye, I was advised not wash my hair for 3 days. For intensive care, I brought one hair mask from the salon. The hair after bleach really dry. I will make sure I apply hair mask/ hair conditioner every time wash my hair. The outcome really better, hair more smooth and lock the color, prevent it from fading.

Green purple hair
The color tend to fade when wash. I kinda love how the color change. After few weeks,you can actually see 5 color, red, pink, purple, blue,yellow,green, a bit of grey under the lighting.

Hair after bleach so damaging.I hate how rough and brittle it feel.Here useful tips to minimize the damage to lowest.

1.            Reduce washing hair frequency
2.            Use hair mask / hair conditioner every shower
3.            Prefer wash with cool water
4.            Reduce the heat on Hair dyer/ blower

Green purple hair

It look good when I tie it in bun.

Green purple hair
Fish tail look nice too

Galaxy ombre hair
Pony hair

I absolutely love my color so much. # GALAXY THEME. DOESNT THEY LOOK ALIKE?

Would like to have some color for your hair too?
 Kindly tell me the best combination colors you wish to dye in the comment box below.

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