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1 month practical life as pharmacist # Inpatient department

Ward supply

Ward supply

Lecturers taught those theories on the book.It doesn't matter how good your grade, how well you did for exam.

When in the Inpatient department (ward) its all about how to apply what I learn. Quite challenging compare to study. Its all about the how to handle the emergency situation and make good decision. Interaction between doctor and pharmacist very important.

Not to mention, all the staffs really helpful, kind , and friendly.

Majority  of the doctor are young and pretty/ handsome. My heart warm when I heard their conversation with patients, in polite way. They gained my highest respect deep in heart. They are humans with good heart and angle face.

 My boss-es

My boss asked lot of question, which make me sweated heavily all the time. Special case in the ward, they will asked us to do the case study. Try to figure out why , how, what ,and really learned a lot. 

The presentation of case study every week, to discuss those complicated case with pharmacist and decide next solution.


For my case study , they gave me a tuberculosis patient with complicated hypertension , diabetes mellitus and acute liver damage. The TB drug cause liver damage, and doctor need to adjust the dose and give treatment according to the TB guideline. This was something I wouldn’t learn in my book, challenging and I love it.

Ijazah farmasi

My round ward experiences. I found my passion in my work, incredible I love my job more. Cant wait to graduate and work as pharmacist.  I like to follow my boss went for ward round and after ward round, doing some survey to patients. Everyday It make me felt like a belonging in ward. Flip those thick documents on each patients table, try hard to find out what it mean in those wormy hand writing report.

Ward round will be every morning with doctor. As pharmacist, we need to accompany doctor for the ward round, easier for doctor to refer anything regarding to medicine/dose.

Everyday , my heart sank a bit when I pass by the empty beds. Only 2 answers for empty bed, either discharge/ transfer  or pass away. I always pray it to be answer no 1(discharge).

For my 2 weeks practical, I saw 4 patients pass away in front of me. Most of them due to the certain chronic disease. When their heart beat dropped till zero , I dint felt too much upset as I thought I will. I felt uneasy about this.

My brother gave me amazing answer :

 “Perhaps you felt die actually make the best way for patients, to cut the suffers. Or maybe the patient pass away due to those old/ disease. They die in peaceful way without too much of struggle. Compare to those accident victim that pass away in bloody state, I think that probably will make you night mare."

OMG , this sound so make sense.

The urinary tract catheter ⬆

The urine bag⬆

Last day of my practical, during the ward round, I did asked permission to join for the urinary tract catheter for urinary tract infection patients.Urinary tract catheter , the insert of long tube into the urinary bladder through reproductive system vagina /pennis , excretion of urine in the urine bag outside of body. I saw bloody urine was out from tube, bloody!!!

Straight away realized , my decision gave up on doctor and continue my study as pharmacist was right. 


I cant really handle when came to blood, I felt weak, almost faint. They make a joke to put me on patients bed for small rest .

This will be my unforgettable experience, I learned a lot.

Still 1 year to go, cant wait !!!!!!

 Cant wait to be part of them and I promise will be the best pharmacist!!!

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