Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Diary# My Flight day with Malindo airline

As usual, I m pretty much excited back Malaysia after final exam, 1 semester end. Started to pack my luggage since 2 weeks ago. The only different , we are in the same flight(Me and my course mate), which typically rare. First I planned to check in earlier in website(Malindo allow seat picking after check in for zero charge).
Things get a little bit complicated when I couldn’t  check in through website while I actually ran out of time. Thanks for the morning traffic jam ,took me longer time than I expected. Worst as I left one of my luggage in the cab which I dint realized . Fortunately, the driver called me, and pass it back to me in the airport.
“God please bless this driver, may he get handsome of earn.”
I need to check in luggage at the counter, figured out why I couldn’t check in website. Dragging 2 big luggage and 1 hand luggage ,I was rushing like a headless chicken. Much to settle when the time ticked by.
Announcement in airport calmed me ,“Flight Malindo to Malaysia delayed” .
I swept away bean- drop sweat on my forehead.

Met with them before flight. Same flight but I got seat far away behind of them, alone.

When came to Malindo airline and airasia airline, Malindo always be my first choice. It wasnt about the price, but Malindo really did better job in service. They served some snacks and drink for free, small television, more comfortable space between the passangers, and free luggage 20-30kg. 

Stared at the beautiful sky.View from up, the buildings look like small little squares arranged properly on piece of earth.  Still remembered 2 years ago, I was on my tear when the  first flight to Indonesia. Now I finished my 3rd year study. Everything was in blinks.

 I had my brunch in the plan.Certain research stated when came to high attitude tongue less sensitive, everything will less tasty. I guessed it was opposite in my case, perhaps I m too hungry (as I skipped my breakfast). Tasted not bad. 
Safely touch down!!! Malaysia Airport KLIA 1

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