Sunday, 16 July 2017

Day Trip to Genting Highland.

Genting Highland

GENTING HIGHLAND, located in Pahang. One of the best attraction in Pahang, indoor &outdoor play theme park, casino shopping paradise, and water park,etc.

Booked rooms in Genting Highland First World Hotel. So here we came. Finally I can relax myself after my hectic study and 1 months practical life, as reward.

genting highland

genting highland

We checked in our room , ready to out. 

While I cannot claimed to know well about the Casino Genting Higland, it was 1 year back since my last visit. Now they renovated and make it more luxury and classy than before. I can tell they really spent a lot on the renovation , and make over to meet the international tittle.

sky avenue
genting highland

Big LED display on the wall and pillars.

genting highland
SAKURA pinky theme

Nice catch up with friends.


SKY ANEVUE, another branded shopping paradise.

Malaysian Food street. 


We ordered the Indian fish curry claypot, because we saw long queue in front the shop. Very big portion.

Special dining cafe in the middle of mall.

After dinner around 10 pm , we felt bored, so went for the casino. 


The guards will check for Identity card/ passport in the entrance for each floor. Quite few of the strict rules to be follow. Here was my funny story. 

That day,I was with a cap on me. I was hold at the entrance by the guard , they aske dme to take off my cap and try to check on my face if something wrong with my face.When they asked for IC, I mistakenly took the room card as my Identity card. 
Oh shit , another guard on duty approaching me. That freaked me, as if i was criminal. They suspected me under age and dint allowed me to enter. Sad case , I need to walk back to my room and took my IC, while the it was a quite distance from casino to my room. Second try to enter , from another different entrance in the first floor, again the guards hold me, I pulled my IC and show them. It took again few minutes for them to really make sure I m the same person in the IC.

Finally , I managed to pass all the obstacles and enter the casino. Never thought it will took me this much of time, almost 45 minutes to deal with these.

sky avenue

The LED silling, it was changing all the time, sometimes flowers, night view, sunset view. It catched my attention, which I stared on the ceiling for few second with my mouth opened before I realised.

All the decoration and design was classy and simple. Interior design was strategically applied the concept of ”Feng Shui” (As Chinese used to believe certain design can bring luck) Never thought it would be so crowded with people. Surprisingly majority customer seek entertainment here are the elder generation.
The set up casino barely similar with MACAU CASINO.

sky avenue

Catch our eye section, the hot beverage section .They even served free drink, hot tea and coffee, I guess caffeine drink to keep them energized and keep awake for all night long?

sky avenue
Big area inside, 3 floors delight with different games in each part.I really had no idea why people get addicted so much.

sky avenue

Out of so much of games, this is the only game I knew. Damn noisy 

I learned how to play few games, but not really interest into it. Maybe I have no luck , lose much than win. (Duck faced)

Balance in my card 😭

Nothing better than one cup of Starbuck hot chocolate drinks in this cold night, cold temperature Genting Highland. I need to comfort myself in the same time. Still we decided to take away and drink slowly in the room. The yellow twinkle "yellow stars " all along the way to our room was so romantic, beautiful.

Back to room, almost 2 am in the morning. I couldnt believe we spent so much time in casino.

Tomorrow morning, we woke up late. After packing and shower, checked out the room. Nothing to worry about the food, as the restaurants was everywhere and lot of choices. 

 Heading for breakfast , Chinese restaurant.

Electronic food order machine, another version of fast food.

My breakfast, GAN LAO MEE

genting highland

sky avenue

I would like to introduce the very famous OVERATED BURGER LOBSTER (for those rich people spent their money). Per person should be around RM 150 for normal burger , while RM200++ for the LOBSTER BURGER. 

Uncle Wong would like treat us , as he won few rounds in the games last night . ^...^

I get my new member card done. Previously I did said I really not interesting in playing the gambling games. But one point really change my mind and became one of the member. HEHEHE They offered some sort of point collection , cuopons for your spent in certain shops. Another nice deal, you can claim for free room in 1st world hotel in period of your birthday. WOOHOOO yeah babe..!!

It took me 10 minutes for the registration, take a photo and done. Superb efficiency. They got me one card, with RM28 credit in the ca
rd. I can choose to play 3 types of games which is....(I m not sure what the games because never heard before.) 

They lead me to another counter to redeem my new member gift which is one coke with my name on it.

Prefer wear something thicker:  jacket , the weather is quiet cold out there.White mist morning .

sky avenue

Signature place for photo, infront the First World Hotel.

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