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My 1 month Practical life as Pharmacist # Outpatient department# Hospital Malaysia

Hospital Jengka is consider small , and less patients compare to the other big hospital. Nothing much can learn here compare to my previous Hospital Taiping, but I kinda pleasant with the slow rhythm type of working environment.

outpatient pharmacy
Front counter of the outpatient department

All of the staff here are quite nice. For my one month of attachment , the head of Hospital make a a schedule, 2 weeks in Outpatient Department and 2 weeks in Inpatient-Ward Supply Department.
outpatient department
From Left ( Me , Pn Akmal, Kak Nora,  Kak Ozgy, Kak Yas, Kak Juju)

2 weeks in Outpatient department (Farmasi Klinik Pakar Jengka)

First day was very nervous day, millions butterflies in my stomach. Soon I felt better , when all of they were friendly and patience to teach me(Noob Newbie) about everything and routine in the pharmacy.
I need to remember the position of the medicines , easier for me to grab it when patients come. It really took me some days as there are thousands of drugs with different position and strength. Kinda headache when I need to collect drugs for a long prescriptions, kinda often I stare and blur in front the medication rack.

The medicine also classified according to the indication on the rack.Some of the medicine consider as the expensive type , need to record in bin book when ever we took or keep the medicine.

VAS and SBUB rack-The medication will packed easier for the patient next collection.Normally Vas system apply to long term patients with long drugs prescription. SBUB system apply to patient with certain special medication ,delivered from the another hospital.

Small refrigerator , not for food or drinks. This is special for medication storing, insulin, eye drops and certain type of injection. The scary part of the refrigerator, the buzzer will ring if you open the door too long, indicated the drop of temperature. I got scared few times by the buzzer when I took too long to decide how many penfills insulin should I take.

 Small store in the outpatient.

Repacking the medications into smaller packing.

I learned to read those super “wormy look ” of doctor’s writing.

freshly prepare
Reconstitute /Fresh prepare syrup.

Basically what I repeat for this whole 2 weeks.

1.After receiving the prescription , screening  to make sure the medicine are correct dose with duration and appropriate signature / cop, also to make sure the medicine is available in pharmacy.
Front counter , give number for patient(It showed the waiting time for each patient)

2.Key in the patient’s data in PHSI (New system to organize data and reduce medical error) . Key in the IC number, if the patients came to hospital before , It will shown the previous medicine record for reference. For the new patient, I did the registeration for them in system.

3. Transcribe the prescription. Key in the medicines doctor prescribe in the system with appropriate dose, strength , direction use, indication, duration, frequacy and special precaution.Here apply the pharmacology knowledge, a good pharmacy need to alert if doctor prescribe the wrong medicine / Polyphamrcy and  give the appropriate medical for doctor regarding to the condition of patients. Pharmacy need to call doctor to double confirm  for any alteration on prescribetion.Good interaction between doctor and pharmacy need.

4.The label of medicine will print. The pharmacy assistance / pharmacist on duty / me  will help to filled the medicine basket with correct  amount of medicines. The medicines will either ready available or manually packed, stick with the correct label on each packets.

5.Another pharmacist will double check (counter check) the medicine before It pass to the another pharmacist  on duty dispense. Pharmacist counter check and the pharmacist dispense shouldn’t be the same person.This to reduce the medical error. After they make sure its correct, they will signed and write  date for patients next visit behind the prescription.

6.Pharmacist will dispense the medicine ,and in the same time refer to prescription. This is for the final check purpose. Special counseling give to the first use of inhaler/insulin pen/ special medicine with special direction of us. 
The right side , pharmacist , also my senior Institute Technology Bandung.
So lucky to have her for this practical, she such a nice pharmacist.

Screening – transcribe precrition - Labeling – Filling – Counter Check- Dispensing/ counseloring

From here, I understand this system and procedure put much more concern to prevent the medication error , to ensure the patient’s safety.  Pharmacist really had big burden to make sure patient understand the direction and correct route administration on time,  last safety guard to discover/realize if any wrong medication by doctor before come to patients

pharmacy life

We understand a small mistake can bring patient to harm.

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