Thursday, 6 July 2017

# Diary Graduation day

I had a big exam, so I burned the midnight oil yesterday. Basically I slept not more than 3 hours.Totally worn out after the paper. Refused to go for breakfast, instead back to my room.

The watch showed, 9.30 am in the morning. Fall on my bed, take deep nap intermediately.

I woke up 5 pm. It shouldn’t  be a big deal normally, as I used to overslept and skipped my meals. Not for this time.

“ Oh gosh! I late for my friend’s graduation” 

I cleaned up myself and changed into better clothes hasty.The moment ready to out from the room. Drizzling.

Fortunately, housemate of mine offered to give me a fetch.  Thanks my housemate, he such a sweet guy .

This graduation cause damn traffic jam. Flowers, balloons, toys was selling by the roadside along the way to graduation venue.

I brought a small flower bouquet, pink-peach roses. Flower expressed the meaning of wishes ,a good manner for attending  a graduation.

The graduation held in University Padjajaran, Bandung. This was my very first time stepped in this university. Millions of peoples there, friends and families came with those flower in the hand, give the best wishes for their kids. Phone signal wasn’t good, so I tried to search by my instinct even I know it was impossible. The crowds kinda make me hard to breath, lacking of oxygen. Soon, I met them in front of a building.

I saw the big smile on the face, after years of hard works pay off on a piece of the certificate roll.
Passed the flower on her hand. Gave a big hug on her special day.

Future dentists. She have my faith ,become excellent  dentist.

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