Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Gambling Lakeside Ciwedey # Summer Course ITB Pharmacy

It became one of  tourist attraction in Ciwedey , typically for its inherent or exhibited natural or cultural value, natural or built beauty, offering leisure, adventure and amusement. Big attraction is the big ship that actually stand alone in the middle of tea plantation and beside the lake. 

First time I saw this view, it remind me of one movie

“Pirate of Caribbean"

It looks really cool !!

Long entry for crossing the bridge , that connecting earth to ship. A worker will guard us in front the bride.Only 10 peoples for each turn, overload not good for the bridge. The bridge kinda swing in big wave to left and right, when we were making our step forward. I walked  carefully.

During the photo section I even hold my breath. No idea why I hold my breath , but I kept doing this along the bridge. What a relieve when I finally reached another side # finally can inhale and exhale normally. Perhaps I thought of holding breath could help to reduce the swing(Actually it dint help at all) It was another psychology reflex, which I did something to get myself felt secure, even I realize it dint help.

 Inside the big ship, they were actually running a restaurant business inside. The crowds were non-stop, I bet the owner of the restaurant really make good earning, as everyone was seeking for this extraordinary dining experience.

This ship remind me of “Pirate of Caribban”, but it seem to be different for my friend. The ship remind her of the “Titanic”. After few times request , I obeyed.  Fulfill her dream  act in the classic scene representative of “Titanic”, I m the Hero and she is the Heroine. This really look weird HAAHAH

Down of the ship, tea plantation and lake side. A big area of it where you can walk around and took photo. 

This is Rancabali Gambling lakeside, few of the water activities here: ride in small boat around the lake.

A few of the human being PIKACHU and ANNA(FROZEN) hanging around that area. While not to be bad, but it’s the walking ANNA was really scary maybe because the hair. The PIKACHU look like lose its ear and its kinda funny. Sorry guys , this is very honest review from me : they need to fix the costume ,make it more adorable instead that scary. HAHAHHAHAH

#Still I had no idea , lot of kids love to take photo with them.#

 Tea Plantation area down part of the ship

Another well spent day with the group # CIWEDEY

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