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Summer School Program 2017 Pharmacy School Part 1 # Institute Technology Bandung

The school of Pharmacy Institute Technology Bandung , has long experience on running international class and exchange programs.

Recently , I took part in the very first Summer School Program 2017. All participants are among the “Chosen one” pharmacy students from 7 countrys , Egypt , South Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Each of particpant received a goodies beg from the organizer: Let see what in side it.

2 Note books + Water bottle + Booklet + Paper notes + Plastic File + T shirt + Goodies beg + Pen

#  Summer Course Class 1 st Week

Very honor to have Dr LUNAWATI L BENNETT MS MRE PhD based USA , for  our whole week class regarding the pharmacology , pharmacokinetic and role of pharmacist.

The class damn interesting , Dr. Luna really did her well in sharing all her expertise and knowledge as a pharmacist.  I love her class so much. The interaction and knowledge exchange between participants was amazing

Malaysia Students # I m the red color shirt girl in the first row.

Egypt Students 

Indonesia Students

#Giving up my 1 months holidays for the SUMMER SCHOOL COURSE. Think it back.It really worth as I gain my knowledge and total new experience. Another thing, I m glad to meet lot of the potential future pharmacist from different country.

We came from different background, race, country , but we shared same goal.

“Become the best pharmacist and save people’s life.”


The last day , we were divided randomly in the group and given the tittle of “Pain Management” case study. Try to apply all the pharmacology knowledge we learnt , and interpret patients data as careful as possible. Considering patient condition and all factors in picking up the most effective treatment and give the best suggestion. 

 Burning the midnight oil to finish the slide show and rehearse for presentation.

Introduced GROUP 7 :  Pain Management Group. #They are truly awesome group mates. 

Purpose of presentation , to determine how well a pharmacist can explain information to another medical professions and  the interpret the prescription. In the same time, the question and answer section , actually prepared us to handle the situation in hospital ,when questioning by patient or doctor.


 ITB organizer really try their best not to starve us. Lunch was prepared, coffee break every 1- 2 hours of class.One of the big concerns of mine, was the menu of lunch and tea break.The lunch menu was changing every day, Japanese food, Indonesian food, Western food, Italian food.

 It became a reflex action to turn my head behind, had a check on the menu when time was about to 12 pm. I will be happy if serve with food , except Indonesia food. Perhaps Indonesia food always came with sambal (spicy sauce) and tempeh , which I really not a fan of it.

# Industrial visit : BIOFARMA

 To give deeper understanding and exposure the Indonesia medicine Industry , we paid a visit to one of the big vaccine company in Indonesia, BIOFARMA. BIOFARMA is one of the medicine industrial that manufacture medicine , supply for big demand in oversea market.

A small and short briefing about the manufacturing process of vaccine in BIOFARMA by the director of industry in a small hall before our tour.

After the couples of speech , they lead us to the muzium / building with history of BIOFARMA. Few of the selected candidates allowed to visit industrial manufacture. But unfortunately I m not the chosen one, so I spent my most of my time in the muzium instead of the industrial manufacture site.

Agreement between VIETNAM and MALAYSIA on  pharmaceutical business

Vietnam squad

Thailand students : Sawa-tikap ^....^

My classmates 

Next day, Saturday morning, we were heading to Ciwedeng , spend quality time togather.



Kindly click the link above for Ciwedeng day trip Summer School Program 

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