Tuesday, 14 August 2018

From Emy to eldo

*Little love story of us*

Malaysia and Indonesia, neighbouring nations that share similarities in many aspects.Distance between was separate by Java Sea,  2 hours flight(Aint a big deal)

I believe cross country love always came with obstacles.  The hardest challenges  when came to long distance relationship wasn't distance but loneliness need to withstand.  Commitment was compulsory, without it the relationship cant goes far.

I m not a person that make a rush decision. Instead, every decision I made I did think it twice..third..numbers times , every  nerve cells  in my brain connect with each other completely.  The day when I posted first Instagram photo of us together, my feeling was chaos. I understand this action was declared and make this relationship official. Once I pressed the button , I whispered to myself , I make the decision.

”Lets do the best no matter how the ending will be. I hope it will be happy ending for us”

Honestly , I really “repelled” with LDR(Long distance relationship) Last long distance relationship dint end up in good way , and I understand how deep the wound left for both. (My ex and me still good friend)

After my breakup, I kept myself from the opposite gender, and get closer with female friends (which I really glad about). I feel my life never be this happy , relax and free like a bird. 
Life not always on top. When have a bunch of friends = a basket of oranges, not every oranges sweet, we will never know until we bite. This again dragged my to down part of my life, and I realized I had no one.

“I know I will complete my study and left this country soon , why should I had a relationship here.  The hurting feel of separation, end up to be torture.” That explain why I kept myself single and not available for pass few years.

Kinda funny when I recalled my conversation between friends, the confident of me stated “I would never find a foreign boyfriend ” A shame on me , big slap straight on my face when I actually get myself an Indonesia boyfriend.


“Why you choose him?”
“How can It happen ?”
“It was so out of the blue.”
(Basically everyone , including my classmate was shock about it. Still thankful for their sincere wishes for us )

All I can said is God had plan for everyone. Life can be so dramatically, nothing is impossible.There must be a reason for meeting him in my life. The present of him in my life, change me to better person . He gave me a hand pull me from shadow, unconditionally giving without asking for reply. And I received.
In reply, I give myself a change, give the best make this relationship work.

The relationship still new and fragile. Argue and fight was hurt but it was one of the process to know each other better. Imperfection between both make us unique in each other eyes. After all, what I remember was all the laugh and touching moments we shared, nothing beautiful than it.

This relationship like a Thai chili. It can be sweet, sour , spicy yet so addicting.