Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Its always good to be home

Food temptation was my biggest enemy!!

This 3 month back home,I can proudly to tell you,I eat whole”Malaysia”.

From Malay cuisine Nasi lemak, Teh tarik, Nasi kandar, Nasi ayam makcik ANi ......
to Chinese food Chao kweutiao, Wantan mee, Yong taufu,Fu jian mee, Nasi shao rou,..
to indian craving Roti tisu, Roti canai, mee goreng mamak,Tosai kari Kambing

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All was so fantastic mamaniahhhhhh!!
I rather spend my holidays with devil food ,then diet plan.    

Pick a sentence from facebook ,”AT THE TIME YOU LOSS YOUR WEIGHT, YOU ARE BURNING AWAY THE MONEY YOU SPEND ON YOUR FOOD FOR ALL THIS LONG”.. HahaxD lolollll it was so damn funny.

Diet plan??There was millions miles away from me,since the first day I reach my foot on KLIA2.

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