Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Deepavali # Life as Pharmacy ITB student #Malaysia-ITB

" This is my second Deepavali in Bandung, Indonesia"
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I couldn't  really remember what happen or any celebration for last Deepavali in Indonesia. Last year, was a very disaster for me when my first enter to the ITB life.

This year, its was a very good timing.Why i said so? First, its Saturday, as we done our exam(actually still one paper left).For this year,3 new Indian juniors for new intake, I wanna seek a good redeem after my hectic 1 months of exam.
,which everyone is joining and spending quality bonding time together.

6.00am : I was awake from my dream. Stared at my phone “29 October 2016 ” 
#Happy Deepavali

6.15 am : Calling all of my friends and asking for their plan for today. But no one was answering , perhaps they still in their sweet dream.

#What can you assume a student will woke up early for their weekend?
“Come on emy, today is Saturday!
6.17 am : I decided “I shouldn’t let this meaningful day , be plain”
My brain started to think..think..and think..*In the split of moment a lot of things crossed my mind *

“Should I cook something?”
”I miss Indian food
”Should we do steamboat for celebrate?”
”What can we do?”
”Go for Karaoke?”
”Just back to my room and finish my bunch of homeworks+ assignment + report…..and jurnal?”
“How if no one actually wanna celebrate that”
“How to cook the best indian version of curry”*Searching recepie on GOOGLE*
“Should go for some nice place have good food and full tummy? But! Where to go?”
“Or go for temple?”
“Or sleep back and pretending like nothing big deal for today?”

Image result for prabhu curry house6.30 am : Raudah (One of my Malay friend) was calling me.*Smile wide*

The very deep voice like she just woke up ,
           “Emy , I think that our friends planned to have some indian food at 11 am”

7.00 am : She sent me those detail and address to went for the restorans.*Its an Indian Restoran –

Prabhu Curry House
My friends and I , same kostan(Hostel) were going togather!!!!
Well..For the distribution of ITB Malaysia students , there are Cisitu Area and Tubagus Ismail Area. So, we met each other at the landmark “Mc Donald” and went by same angot!!!! 
*Its very hot day and squished * 

But still the happy faces was shown on each other face.

After about 20 minutes of angot-ing and few minutes of walk, we arrived at our destination , PRABHU CURRY HOUSE. The smell of curry and those really typical aromatic , I felt so “home” , it brought me back to Malaysia.^…….^
Today is Deepavali day, for sure there were other Malaysians celebrating here, as this is the very limited version of Indian food restoran , kinda few in Bandung.
I felt touched and overwhelmed . Its good when Malaysian met Malaysians and having lunch in very Malaysia feel environment.
Our juniors were joining us after their exam! It was very funny moment when taking order for us, we made lot of noise and chaos! I bet waitresses were sweeping big drops of sweat from the forehead.

*OMG , those Hindustan song on the speaker made me wanna dance ,like a Bollywood star*

Finally the main character of the day!!!! Indian food!!
I was so confusing to choose banana leaf or the tandoori plate. I still go with my tandoori chicken plate. The range of price here is 40-45k rp  for plate serving , 60-80 k rp for banana leaf serving, and roti naan 20- 25 k rp .Beverage here , the tarik is cost you around 15- 20 k .
I  actually think Malaysia make the best the tarik, till now I never drink teh tarik as good as Malaysia in Bandung
.*Maybe because of the condense milk Indonesia kinda sweeter and taste different *

Next : The photos will tell the story.
# Monopod and camera always ready for pictures !!

You guys make my day. Its very warm to see all of us were blend into each other so well.

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