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Birthday surprise# Birthday party# Nanny's Pavillion cafe

18 October, was a lovely day, was my big day , memorable day of me out from my mom’s tummy, and my first cry. 
This year, was an importance year for me. 
My very last year , 4th year of my bachelor study in Clinical Pharmacy, this will be last birthday in this foreign country (Indonesia).

18 October fall exactly on exam week, everyone was so hectic and busy with study , exam, and mountain of homework, assignments , presentation. So, me too. I really not hoping for any celebration.  Coincidentally, it fall on the same day with Deepavali(Indian celebration day ) too


Sharp on 11 pm Indonesia time (12 am Malaysia) , my housemate knocked my door.

Knock, knock knock… EMY TANNN” , I awake from my dream. I was taking my short nap in between my study for tomorrow’s killer subject(Pharmacokinetic and biopharmacy subject) 
“Yes?”  I opened my door slowly. Rubbing my half open eyes. 
“Happy birthday ,Emy Tanmy roommate was so excited .She gave me big good hug and passed me a plastic. I m still in half awake , and everything was so sudden. Cant even react. 
“Open it. Read .” She smiled wide on the face, with her phone camera aimed on my sleepy face. I guess she recording video/ insta story.  I mumbling myself , keep say thank you thank you. A card was found inside of the gift she pass on my hand.

She was the one, my housemate, knock my door and sang me birthday song ,in the middle of night.

Tiny little touching feeling came to my nerve. The messy writing in black ink on a red velvet card , bring much meaning for me. A white dress inside ,exactly fit me well.No matter what her gift was, the sincere from heart was priceless, cant buy with millions of money. 

Sharp on 12 pm , my phone kept ringing, notifications, messages in. Received lot of wishes on Facebook. My cute little juniors sent me a long voice notes , with a long speech and birthday song. So much adorable. I kept replayed. Could not stop staring at my phone and  smile alone.

My friends called me in the midnight.
"JIAJIA, Happy birthday, wish you&^%$@#%&**^&^$#..........."I heard their sleepy voice from another side of phone. I guess they will back to dream right after put down the call.

I felt so much of loves at that time. I was sleepy ,but those messages did gave my strength to stay up longer and study for my exam. Whole night, I was smiling by myself. Sleep , awake , study  and sleep, not quality sleep but I managed to do revision for all chapters.

I closed my eyes and finger crossed 
”Hope exam will goes easy on me. Since today is my big day,”
Also , not to forget deepavali and my birthday fall on same date.
If you curious of how we celebrate it kindly read the DEEPAVALI IN ITB.

Another surprise from my beloved classmate, she was disappeared for almost 2 hours during lunch time. Really had no idea where she went. 

She shown up with a cake on her hand, a piece of strawberry cake.

She hugged  me ,” I hope you like it, and happy birthday.” The lips touched on my cheek. 
“Yah , only today its free. Next time I charge you for hugging and kissing on me.” I laughed and said it to her. 

Normally , I don’t let people touch me, but today she kissed on my face. Maybe I m in good mood today.

 At night , I hang out with a friend of mine. Eat layers crepe cakes and chit-chat for couples of hours. A well spent day , simple yet preciously.

 I was craving for cake, now I got 2 cakes in one day.

Of course my birthday story dint end here.
After 2 days,they asked me out for dinner, instead of telling me about the celebration.

( Consider belated birthday celebration) 

It was a Friday night, after superb hectic lab , dissection of rats.

 “Emy, picked one café for dinner today. Options A….., B….. C. NANNY’s PAVILLION ”  A message popped out in my whatsapp group chat.

“I will go for C, NANNY’s PAVILLION. I heard the pancakes was the best in town” Me replied in group.

 *Pancakes for dinner ?? Who cares ?? Pancakes not only for breakfast, I will make it as dinner.*

Time set on 8 pm. I took shower and put on my plain- blue dress. A clean and simple dress up for dinner. I came with my friends, kinda weird as she was anxious than normal, her eye balls dint make an eye contact with me when conversation. 

The way she kept dragging me from entering the café, and texting on her phone. Very suspicious.

As you know, no one can hold me. I slipped into the cafe, and spoiled their surprise plan. I guess their face was priceless, when saw me inside before they get ready with everything.

 “OMG, Emy why ??? Why?? This wasn’t what we planned. Its should be a surprise party.speechless and awkward moments for seconds. Pairs of eyes looking at me. I tried to get this rid of the awkward moments, by changing topics.

I looked around me. A long tablet , actually combined of 3 small tablets. Nanny’s dresses was hanging in the glass cupboard. The place look a little bit girlish, pinkish and so so not suitable for guys to be here.
This looked so wrong, three pinkish + girlish  guys.

One by one, they came to me and pass me gifts with handful of wishes. I was freeze and don’t know what to do .

Thank you” a polite and soft sentences from me.  
My mind gone blank , staring at those pinky gift. I m happy.My hand was full, if not I would just gave them a big hug, instead of smiling.
A bed decorated with some fabrics/ curtains hang down from up, a little princess feel. The only things lacking , might be my crown and my long fluffy princess dress.

 2 big pinky white balloons like adding glitters to party. 

I received a bouquet of flowers,  balloons with my photos on each of it. Ever saw this romantic things on youtube, but never thought of one day it will happened on me. I m overwhelmed.

People attended was much more than I expected.  Huge gathering of all of us. I was expecting only few of us, perhaps 4 -5 peoples. But now , 20 +++ , this really surprising me.

Happy kids as always, white shining teeth showing


While, Suying and me October baby. So they made our birthday party together. Both of us , had our very own birthday rainbow pancake from café.

Introduce the October baby , Suying.!!

 A tower cake made from layers of colourful pancakes with cheese filling , and a candle on it.

“Happy birthday to you , Happy birthday to u…..” the birthday song was loud. 

According to research , 90 % of peoples will be in really awkward situation, which smile and stay still at one place when peoples was singing birthday song for you. So do we. 

Both of us just freeze on our seat and blew candle.  Wishes made, hope it will come true.

Another big cake, add on calories for the day !!! It a fruit peach vanilla cake. Good pick!! Ohhh I like this cake.

*I m glad they dint picked chocolate cake, because I m not a fan of chocolate*

Another birthday song ,
“Happy birthday to u.. happy birthday to you…”
“Selamat hari jadi… Selamat hari jadi…”
“Zhu ni sheng re kuai le…. Zhu ni sheng re kuai le…”

But this time , they make it in 3 language , which mean 3 times sing. To avoid those awkwardness. I sang and clapped my hands together with them.  
Thank you for creating me another precious memories. 

A romantic scene , hybrid between Malay drama + Chinese drama

A photo before we destroy this beautiful art with spoon and fork

Here we go, lets unbox the gifts....

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