Thursday, 9 November 2017

International day ITB "AWAY FROM HOME"

-Today is international day. “AWAY FROM HOME”-

A day which all international students gathered , cook their beautiful cuisine representing their own country. A stage in the middle of hall, for each country to do their stunning performances

: I had no idea , how about just count and figure it out by yourself. 

-What food representing  MALAYSIA?-

Of course NASI LEMAK. Nasi lemak most likely our nation food. Another big reasons behind of it, we were craving so much for NASI LEMAK too. Away from home, we missed our family and so the food. OKAY. The main hero of the day would be NASI LEMAK.

Students are high demanding ,desired for more. 
“NASI TOMATO…ROTI JALA…KARI AYAM..KUIH SAGO…KARI UBI KAYU…” their suggestions in the group.
 And I was the silent one, as I m smiling in my heart.”YEAHHHHH, I m craving for all.I hope they can cook all ”
“How about chinese food? Any suggestion?” A sentence popped in the group. All of them started to suggest some sorts of chinese food. My sweat straight down from my fore head.
“OMG, do we actually know how to cook chinese food? How if it taste really bad?” a voice from my mind. 
I tried to ask “Mr Google” via my phone.


Looking at those pictures, it stimulated my saliva secretion. My brain wasn’t working well at that moment.
Slapped my own face.”Emy stay awake, you need to find food for international day. Be conscious !! ”

#4  ‘DIM SUM’
#6  ‘PAO’

I laughed myself. “Who I think I m ? A chef? “ Basically all are hard for us. If I know how to cook this, why should I always spend my money finding Chinese food in Bandung?

“DO U THINK I CAN MAKE THIS?” I totally had no confident in myself. I should responsible to my race and my country , so I decided not to cook. Make sure everyone safe from my disaster food.

-In the international day-

Only things I can contribute was helping with booth decoration. We were in our tradisional clothes. I guess it been awhile since my last wear of this baju kurung. Again I took it our from cupboard after so long.

Food arrived soon, still hot and can felt the water steam when open rice cooker. YUMMMMMM smell of rich coconuts milk in rice. We helped to serve food for all of the students , lecturers , staffs that came to our booth. We prepared variety of food in huge amount thinking we might give extra food to all the Malaysia students. A small booth with long long queue. We took turn to help in booth as some of us were having class. 

All of us busy serving them food , sweated in our traditional clothes.
Another special of our booth , other indian friend was drawing  HENNA. She was non stop drawing , had no idea how many hands she been draw.

If we asked money for every HENNA drawing , I guess we could go for luxury dinner. Or , we charge for food, I guess really can earn lot. But , too bad, we were giving it for free.

Looking at their face, I m proud of our students. All of them came for help after class. We were engineering and pharmacy students, and we prove we can cook well too, except me. But I did help too.

Lets visited to the other booth. The booth next to us , was JAPAN booth. Their food was COTTON CANDY. I really had no idea where did they got the cotton candy machine. I don’t think their brought it from their country ,JAPAN. 

Anyway , I got the very first cotton candy from them. Maybe because I cute . AHAHHAHAhahah. The fact , I thicken up my face and asking for it.

Lets look at the other booths.

Indonesia traditional clothes 
Japanese girl in her KIMONO
Lithuania booth

Brunei Booth

Germany Booth 
Indonesia Booth



Another exhausted but wonderful day.

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