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Therapeutic window love definition in pharmacist way

Therapeutic window explanation is boring, very hard to understand? Come on , let me explained it in more interesting way , and it make you more understand and in the same time rescue your love relationship.

Therapeutic window is a very basic must now well for every pharmacy student. Without therapeutic window/ therapeutic index knowledge, you cant really said you are actually a legal drug dealer. Below is the diagram , briefly explained the therapeutic window.

There are few definitions which you need to really bear in your mind.

LOADING DOSE : Initial higher dose of a drug that may be given at the beginning of a course of treatment before dropping down to a lower maintenance dose.
MAINTENANCE DOSE : The dose given after a certain period of taking the loading dose and is much lower. Give in regular duration to make sure the concentration maintain and give therapeutic effect.
MINIMUM EFFECTIVE CONCENTRATION: lowest dose level of a pharmaceutical product that provides a clinically significant pharmacological effect
MAXIMUM EFFECTIVE CONCENTRATION : hightest dose level of a pharmaceutical product that provides a clinically significant pharmacological effect. Also might define as the lowest dose level that provide the side effect / unwanted response.
TOXICITY DOSE: The dose that give significant adverse effect in patient instead of pharmacological effect.
THERAPEUTIC WINDOW : A range of doses that produces therapeutic response without causing any significant adverse effect in patients.
SUB THERAPEUTIC : The dose that give no significant pharmacological effect or adverse effect in patient.The therapy goal not achieve.
As a professional pharmacist , we not only good with drug , but also in this love matter. The love is same as drug , they cure heart broken. Love can be classified into few categories , family love, brother love, animal love, sibling love, nature love, environment love…. and more. But they not interest enough to make me talk about it.
Ya , the love I would like to brief is couple love, husband wife love. For me, its claimed to be sweet enough as marshmallow but yet devil enough to make your life miserable, still many people after those feeling and get addicted with it.

The tutorial how to win a girl’s heart:

  • ·         Make her laugh
  • ·         Date her out
  • ·         Showing some romantic, caring , love
  • ·         Be with her when s he need you
  • ·         Compliment her
  • ·         Become her “type” – her ideal one
  • ·         Present / gift
  • ·         Behaved and be gentleman
  • ·         Show your sincere

*Showing as much as love and caring as you can, to reach straight to “pharmacological therapeutic concentration”*

·         Monitor : observe , obtain more data about her
·         Maintenance dose :  The dose need to adjust from time to time. To make sure it keep in the therapeutic window.

*The dose regimen and frequency varies depend on individual*
Suggested :  Spend quality time and understand each other more. Watch movie/ Dinner/ Lunch/ Hang out / Attend event [once a week – twice a week]

STEP 3 : The common phenomena after long term relationship [TOLERANCE & RESISTANCE]

Don’t worry , be cool when handling it. This is a very common for long term relationship. Unwisely handling may lead to the gap formation in between.

This is the situation which the dialogue appeared “You had changed , you not longer love me as you do”

Tolerance : The dose that once effect to her , now still effective but require a higher dose. She might happy with her RM 1 candy before , but now RM 20 candy , RM 50 …RM 100 …RM 1000 gift only work on her.

Resistance : The trick / joke/ act once touch her heart / soul,  now became nothing. She demand for more than that . If your the other half is a  resistant girl , you really have to squeeze your brain , be  innovative and creative all the time to regain her heart.

“Tough life my friend”. I suggested to search for more tips or tricks on youtube or google. This really need an love expert , forgive for my limited ability.

STEP 4 : The dose really matter – TOXICITY DOSE & LEVEL
Toxicity dose: The love concentration too much, way to far above the maximum effective concentration. It did make the girl fall in love  with you but in the same time , the side effect (unwanted/ unexpected effect) appeared. Instance , she get boring , annoyed, seems your love/ sacrifice as a burden. Uncontrolled love dose, when it too much  , It lead to mortality , dead (Straight away out from the list)

Step 5 : Why you still single? SUB- THERAPEUTIC 
You love her, but did she know it, what effort had you done? Main reason is the dose still below the minimum effective concentration, sub- therapeutic. It give no effect to her. 
How ? Try to put more efforts , and increase the dose.

As pharmacist , when you can play well with drug dose adjustment ,why not love management ?
If the statement is true , why percentage of pharmacist single still high ?
The concept is similar but still girl kinda much more complicated.
A good pharmacokinetic knowledge need in order for you to be good with your love management we thought.
Study of girl mind = N times of pharmacology book

Try hard my friend , and good luck. Even it dint help you but at least it help you more understand the therapeutic window concept and make you laugh. A smile on you worth of everything.
Kindly comment, let me know what is in your mind.

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