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The love story wasn't  my style. This is an exception.
[ I asked for the permission to make it public]

The boy told full of excitement “ I m getting a girlfriend after years ”
The girl stopped for moments : “Who was that?”
Sudden emergency break in the middle of road. The girl hit on the boy hardly. Fortunately the road was kinda empty today because its early morning. If not they may get a horn warn from the other driver.
“Whats wrong with you?Can you bring your bike properly ? So dangerous” she is adjusting her helmet which is way too big for her little head.  

“What you mean? I….I….I…yesterday……I ..mean..nothing. ” he swallow back his words. 

Even she cant see the face reaction from behind, but she sensed a slight heartbroken from his tone. The excitement  since just disappear fast in the air. Like a kid was so happy for getting an ice-cream,  and it fall on the floor.
The girl looked around and saw her friends from far. She waved her hands heavily.
“Thanks for free ride.”    she take off the helmet and hand it to the boy.  He nod and straight turn away.

The boy named Tom , a lovely innocent kid from little town in Indonesia. The girl,  named Lily , a  came from an average family in Malaysia. Lily traveled far from Malaysia to further her study,veterinary program in Indonesia. A future veterinarian to be.
This story happened since the day their first met in a Buddhist society club organized by their school. They came to know each other and became best buddy after all. Lily was 2 years older than Tom, Tom used to tease Lily by calling her  “big sis Lily” all the time. Maybe because of that , it make them closer. The happy go lucky attitude of Lily was shine bright like a sun, it can tell from Tom’s eyes. Tom did kept feeling for her deep down heart , but fright to confess. Only 50 % of chance to success , Tom afraid if fail he may lost her.
The only concern was, an international love between Malaysia and Indonesia , will they make it ?


The story should started by few days back. It was holiday, both of them took part in motivation camp 2 days and 1 night held by their society club. The night, all the members was playing a game, "TRUE or DARE". The bottle turned vigorously stopped and pointed right in front of  Lily. She choose true, instead of dare.

“Lily are you single? ” sort of typical question peoples used to ask. This question popped out from nowhere. Lily shy, she smiled and showing her properly lined white teeth. In the same time, Tom’s heart  was unexpectedly beating so fast, if he gonna explode soon. He looked down and tried to cover out, don’t let it to be so obvious. He was curious about the answer. He never able to ask about this sensitive question to her for sake of respect her privacy. Lily never mentioned about it too.

Few months back, the club members of them teased, and trying to match both them. Lily's height 153 cm , Tom's 180 cm, the height gap between definitely make them the cutest couple ever. It was a lie , if he said never imagine Lily to be his girlfriend. 

“Lily is such a lovely girl, they must be lot of them after her.” That was frequent voice that came from his mind convinced him not to further up the story.  Still remember,  he pissed off with an incident which wolf whistles whenever she pass by boy’s dorm on the way back to  her dorm. He make his mind to fetch her back ,to avoid this incident happened again. From that day onward, it become a routine. She seems to use to it. Everyday, Tom did bring his bike slow purposely , few minutes more time to spent with her on bike.

“I m waiting for my prince, I guess he lost his way.” giggled Lily, showed her naughty smile. Everyone burst in laugh. No one realized Tom actually lifted up his face, it was such a relieve smile on face. An eyes contact between both of them. A flow of electric current through his body, he felt hot. He stutted and looked away , muttering. Lily's face blushed pinkishly all of the sudden too.

“She still single.” The voice kept  replayed in his mind. This answer unexpectedly made him smile for whole day like an idiot, during eat, during washing dishes, during game section…. People may though he posed by ghost, happy ghost.

Lunch time. At the another corner of noisy canteen, she was washing the dishes at sink. More exact, she volunteered herself to do dishing for everyone. A guy, Wilson was helping her, they seems to have happy, well going conversation. Tom, this little boy was seething with jealousy , but he never knew it. He hurried up finished the food in his dish and approaching them.

“I m too full, washing dishes may help with my digestion” he looked awkward with his nonsense reason. Purposely he fitted himself in middle of them, tried to separate them. Lily knew what he tried to do. She smiled. Wilson saw everything in his eyes.Wilson was poking Tom with his elbow.Tom turn to him , gave him an arched eyebrow glare. It translated to be “Just now you disturbing Whaii. How dare you are pocking me now?!! ” Wilson narrowed his eyes, like a predator smell his prey. He moved his face closer , the distance between their face only few inches. A slightly move ,they may kiss accidentally. It was very awkward distance, may bring peoples around misunderstand .

“Something is wrong with you. Are you jealousing right now? You had a crush on Lily??”  he whispered in slow voice. Tom was freak, straight away covered his mouth with hands. No time to even care of the washing soap on his hands and pulled him away from Lily. Wilson swiped the soap foam on his face with Tom’s shirt. He got away from Tom’s grab. 
“You like her.!!” Wilson mouthed, with his annoyed face reaction. Tom acted like he gonna beat him ,Wilson make her signatured funny face and walked away.

“What are you guys doing? ” Lily asked.
“Nothing, we used to play around like this all the time. ” he tried to be calm, explained.

Actually she knew. She heard what Wilson told, she dint meant to hear it. It was so near. Wilson’s voice wasn’t that slow enough for Lily not to hear it. She continued with her washing , dint further up the question. Tom was helping her out and make some lame jokes. The conversation seems to be going well within them.

She was extremely quiet today. She wasn’t happy. Maybe because he dint admit it? but yet he dint deny it? What is actually playing in her mind?”  She was confused too.

Tom realized it. He like to watch Lily from far, he studies her emotion from her face reaction. He realized she was a bit different today. She was faking her smiles , but Tom knew she was hiding something.
At night, when everyone was sleeping.
“Ting ..Ting..Ting..Ting” the screen on Whaii's phone turned on. 4 unread messages from Tom on Line(social media app) 
“Are you okay ?” [12.30 am ]“Whats wrong with you today?” [12.31am]“Hey ” [12.31am]“I am talking with you. Anyone home?” [12.31am] 

Few minutes later , “Ting..” again the notification sound on Whaii phone 
.“Sleep?” [12.40 am ]

Tom was staring at his phone. A bit anxious. Normally she will reply his message fast. They used to texting each other and sharing about any stories happened for whole day, everyday. Texting her , became his hobby , his favorite hobby, his daily routine. Her messages like an energy drink boost his day. Without her messages, he felt uneasy. He was basically flipping himself up and down on his bed, insomnia trouble. Something was missing there, but yet he couldn't  figure it out.

“Yes? Sorry for late reply  I just done arrange  my stuffs in my luggage ” [12.58 am] replied Lily after few minutes.

Tom straight away sit up from his bed. Finally, he felt better now.

They still in motivation camp. They were sharing room with the others , 5 peoples in one room. Guys and girls was separated, girls on the left side of building , boys on the right side of building.

“I need to talk with you , I prefer face to face. Lets met at our old place” Tom sent Lily a message. 
*Message sent, read*

He squeezed his body slowly to get down bed without noise. He tipped up his toes and walk, he didn’t wanna wake his roommates. He grabbed his jacket on chair and open the room door.
 “Bang..!!” loud clear voice , the strong wind slam against the door. A mistake move of him, he left his room open.  He though them will awake by the noise. No, they dint. Perhaps the whole days activities sucked out their energy to zero, they were too exhausted to even open their eyes.

That night , temperature was 19 C. The "old place" he meant, the store room in the middle of building. They used to hang out there before. In the store room, there was a double decker bed. He laid on the below bed and staring at the ceiling. He was waiting alone with his phone.
The door was slightly push. He saw a small but familiar shadow in the dark , under the reflection moonlight.

"Sorry , I m late" apologized Lily once she got in. “By the way, what did you wan to talk about?” Lily stared at him. Her black eyes look incredible charm as usual.

“  Best solution is sharing, never keep in heart. It bad for you.  Moaned Tom. Soft but strict enough to express his worries. She swirled her head and look down the vintage mosaic floor.
The was kinda cold , she was shivering. Stood up from the bed. "I will always there for you, anytime you wanna share what's in your mind " , he took off jacket and put on her shoulder, make her warmer.

Still she refused to make any eye contact with him. Both of them stood there in stunned silence.

He tried  to break this silence moment. “Well, lets sleep together” . Soon, he hurried up corrected his sentence.  “I mean, let sleep together on same double decker, I will sleep here and you need to climb the up one. ”

He scare if Lily misunderstood him as such a jerk disgusting guy. His clumsiness make her laugh, she hit him on the head with her elbow “Ya, I know, I never overthink it.You the one who think too much. Chill…Chill..”

“Okay ” Lily rolled her eyes. “Such a jerk for letting a girl climb up this dangerous double decker, he should be a gentlemen and move up. ” mumbling Lily, complained. Still she climbed up by the no to say so stable small stair. She laid on the bed.  

Both of them stare on the same ceiling , breathing and sharing the same oxygen in the room.Tom though this will be the best moment for him. He inhaled deeply, if it could reduce his nervous.

“Lily, I had something to tell you”  his voice was deep and sound serious. Totally 360 degree of change of Tom compared to few minutes ago.She stretched out her both arm.”Yes?”

Tom said,"................................................." 

Did TOM able to make his confession?
What was her answer?
What happen to make Lily forgot , act nothing happen on that night?
Did anyone realize they were out from room without permission?


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