Friday, 4 November 2016

Pizzalogy Ciwalk Piza Resto ,TOKYO CONNECTION BANDUNG# Birthday celebration

October baby. For the whole months, exam kept smashed in the flow wave and thunder. Of course , no celebration instead of study hard and harder and hardest!

It was a well planned surprise.

We went to this RESTO for lunch.

One things I love about Indonesia , the food is cheap(when compared to Malaysia). A classy lunch in Malaysia might cost you about RM30 – RM50 If you are here, Its cheap! With the price you spent in Malaysia for lunch , you might get double cheaper here, classy restaurant. From my opinion, the food price here always double less than Malaysia price. The money value here is big, with 2000 rp (60 cent), you can actually buy lot of things.When you stay longer in Indonesia, you will soon become a cheapskate, even though its only 2000rp.

Back to the story on that day.

One rectangular pizza for 4- 5 persons serving , 18 pieces .BBQ pizza was the best seller in here (155k ).

We decide to go for the huge pizza. 3 huge giant pizza for all of us , 2 BBQ pizza and 1 Healthy vege pizza. #Yummmy 3 x 18 pieces = 54 pieces , we finished all with  almost bursted tummy.

The price range of the Pizza its Personal (40 k rp +) , deluxe (55k rp +)  and Big Boom (150k rp +). For the topping , we can choose and custom make our very own special pizza, but there will be extra charge. ^...^

After lunch with 3 huge giant size pizza, suddenly a friend of us was holding a cake from no where with happy birthday song. When still in confuse and mouthful of pizza, my friends and me (both October babies) guided to front, awkwardly stood and joined the sing. Also , our Korean friend was joining , as he an October baby.

^ Korean friends , Park Seok Koon
^He is too cute

It’s a harvest Tiramissu cake!(branded cake house in Bandung).# Thanks my friends. Dessert after the pizza .YUMMYUMMYUMMMM.. 


We got our gift from lovely classmates. #Its pink hello kitty cover ,because they know I like pink.


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