Saturday, 12 November 2016

Pasar baru, Bandung #sorvenier

PASAR BARU , is one of the place crowded with peoples all the time, especially Malaysia tourists love here. Most of them come for the fabric, its cheap , variety and quality. Also most of Malaysian businessman get their fabric stock from here , get earn by selling it in higher price in Malaysia.

I brought my ticket back to Malaysia on December. Before back , I think of buying some, few, many little amount of fabric as sourvenier for my Malays friends. Last time I brought some “kain pasang ” as a gift for my Malay friend’s wedding. Unluckily , my mum spotted that and she like that so much, but its a gift for my friends.I promise I to find a better one, and prettier for her.

Here they sell all things, anything that you can think, handbag, shoes, blanket, kain pasang, kain jubbah,fabric, clothes, hijab, accessories, watch, jean, fruits, food,luggage, keychains…..and lot more. Basically you can get everything in Pasar baru. If you have time , good in bargain , I bet you can get very good price – very cheap. All the price here is negotiable , and the seller very aggressive in selling things.

This time , we spent more than 6 hours in Pasar baru, after morning class 9 am – 4 pm. 
Walking ,bargain and spent most of time lost in the crowded human.

KFC to cure the tiredness.

MY buying list :
·       Kain sulam pasang   ·       School bag (brother)

·       Handbag (mother )   ·       Jeans               

·       Legging             ·       Shoes               

·       Indonesia batik     ·       Singlet             

·       Socks               ·       Hijab(friends)      

·       Keychain / Indonesia T shirt      

So I think of coming again before back to Malaysia, bring all back  in my 20kg of luggage. Maybe I need 5 kain pasang more and complete  my buying list mission.Perhaps addition of few Japanese cotton .. or sutera bandung ...

My medals for today 6 hours of non stop marathon :

^kain sartin sulam penuh (I will keep this for myself)

 ^kain sartin / kain prada sulam bandung (souvenir for my fellow friends)

^ kain jubah 3D flower (2.5 m) - I really have no idea why I brought these , #because I dont wear jubah

^ kain semi sutera bandung + batik = very beautiful (for my mum)

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