Monday, 19 December 2016

Chingu Korea Fan Cafe, Bandung

I used to hear about “CHINGU CAFE” all the time, but too lazy to figure where it is. In this technology generation, everything is on the finger tips, while I am too lazy even to search it. Until one day , when the craving for Korean foods went uncontrolled. Soon, I found out it’s really near with ITB campus.

Before went there, I did some survey on this resto. Chingu CAfe, is a Korean Cafe which near with baltos. The Korean design of cafe which attracted lot people came by and have photo. The price is students range price , and its near too ITB. So I guess they set their customer target , mostly ITB students.

We picked at the wrong day to stop by this resto, Saturday. Not a kidding, but we need to queue for the seats since there were lot people. . The most suffering part , you can just look at people having their food with drum playing inside tummy “Tik-Tak-Tik Tak”,the time passed , finally we got our seats.

I barely divide the resto in to 4 section based on the design,front , left , right, middle and behind.

The front area, the front entry.

The left area, design based on the concept of GANGNAM TRAIN STATION. People was having meal in the train.

The right area, a big wall of painted with drama scene in “MY LOVE FROM STAR”. Some slots of plants and swing in the middle.

Middle area.Not so interesting.

The behind area, It is the large open area. This is the special area, for grilled and bbq. It look like a little Korea town inside a resto. With some Korean alphabets / words, and KOREAN MONEY CHANGER??

>>"Song Jong Ki" oppa poster on the wall.

 We order Bibimbap (26 k rp), Spicy Sunduhu Jjique(30k rp), Spicy Kimchi Jjique (30k rp) and I forgot name of another one. The beverage and dessert also cute to have a try. The Sunduhu and Kinchi Jjique come with a bowl of rice. They simply listed  menu price all in the Korea money Won, but actually it was all in Indonesia rp.

# Day after that, I brought my Korean friend here, but he said the taste is not so similar with KOREA because it taste more spicy. The resto had modified spicy level according to the local Indonesian.

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