Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Embassy Indonesia Kuala Lumpur 60 days visa

Not too rush, just too relax. I mean the flow of embassy Indonesia.

5 days before I fly.Finally I gonna do my visa.

As this was my first time introduced to embassy Indonesia. First impression of mine,crowded, too crowded, very crowded,like billions millions of peoples stuck in this small room.The long long queue ,wondering when will be my turn.

Before I enter the building, there was some small stalls beside.They sell food ,grocery ,photostat service, passport Photoshop.I can see another version of "little Indonesia town" , instead of "little india town" in Kuala Lumpur. Leisure chitchat in Indonesia language with a cup of teatarik under those big umbrella.What a wonderful morning,as I m rushing like a headless chicken to photostat shop.I forgot to photostat my few documents. Its quite "cekit darah ",as 1 copy of passport cost me RM 0.50.So this what I call those money minded businessman. They charged you incredible price but you still buy from them as there are no choice.After done my copies of document, and paid them RM 6 for few pieces of paper. With RM 6 I can photostat 120 pieces at my place (1piece = RM0.05)

The student visa procedure (make it simple)

1.Go to the visa student loket , make sure prepared 3 copies of passport, 3 passport photo, 3 copies of the college accepted letter, and  Visa form.

2.The counter will checked and confirmed you identity.

3.Go to front and get your number.

4.Go up stair and wait for your number to be call

5.Hand over all the documents and your passport, then you will be told to get your visa 4pm-5pm.They will call and inform you to come over and collect your visa.

Along the procedures it took me 3 hours.I busy with all those since morning 9pm until 12pm.
Finally its done.

Actually its quite easy to do visa by own. There is no need of agent as you can do it by yourself.Rather than spent on agent, better spent half of your day settle those, and treat me a meal with that money.

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