Thursday, 30 July 2015

Pharmacy Course

My cousins always ask me why am I pick this career instead of other. For them this is a career symbolize burden and responsible,because it an honourable job  handle with people's life.There is no kidding or joke, every moment should be double careful and concentrate.
I choose because I like this job.
So what are  the advises I can give to the other students that may interest or still confuse about this course


1.Make your interest clear and choose course according to ur interest but not about salary, parents,friend...

2.Remember, "Nothing is simple, but nothing is impossible " Every study is tough, but its up to your efforts to make impossible become possible.

3. Make sure you have a good base of chemistry study and good brain  memory Gb. When come to pharmacist is all about the chemistry and calculation and also memories medicine.

4.If you want to study make it to degree or master,due to high competitive of job. Not mean to be rude, but degree and diploma really huge gap of salary, responsible, welfare, work.

5.Get your mental and physical well prepared,once you pick this course your life will become roller coaster .But all medical study just the same,endless of sleepless night.

6.The pharmacist study will most likely doctor study, different is pharmacist study more detail about medicine and use, while doctor study more wide *Tougher *

Our pharmacy board set quite high requirements for pharmacy students
@must atleast B for Biology, Physic, Chemistry, Mathematics in SPM
@Muet band 4 and above
And excellent CGPA for STPM, Diploma,  Matriculation

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