Thursday, 30 July 2015

Institute Teknologi Bandung

"ITB international student"
"ITB pharmacy course"
"Malaysian student in ITB"
"ITB class"
"ITB living cost"
"Indonesia culture"
"Bandung city"
"University of Indonesia"
"What to be aware when travel to Indonesia"
"ITB pharmacy raking in world"
"Bandung food"
"RM to Indonesia rupiah currency"
"Best about Bandung"
"Weather of bandung"
"Chinese students in ITB"
"AirAsia flight booking"
"Indonesian lifestyle"

....and many so on.
Sit in front of laptop and keep access internet about those keywords.It show how anxious I am to out from my comfort Malaysia to another country that totally strange for me, Bandung.
What a speechless ,as I found lack of information about life of Malaysian student purchase their study in Indonesian.
It make me so lost , I dont know where can I obtain more information to help myself know well about this country,about the life,living cost,lifestyle, what to be aware, study, daily routine, environment, people, issues...ect.
So I decide to at least become a not so guidelines for those still blur about this path. Hopefully I can help.

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