Thursday, 30 July 2015

FIRST Day of Practical life ,assistance pharmacy

2 months ago,I done my 1 year practical life (6 months of hospital posting and 6 months of clinic posting )
Miss those days so bad.
Here I want to tell my story.
What I can say is, those practical life is tough and awesome.
First day , we are all attached to the OPD (Outpatient department ),where the patients come with their prescription and collect their medicines at counter. I used to think pharmacy work just so simple and leisure, because what I saw is pharmacist sits infront the counter and dispensed it slowly to patients.
Actually its totally opposite with what I thought. The extremely chaos behind the counters, high level pressure, phone ringing, thousands of medicines drawers ,all staffs running here and there, the timer on computer.... All those make our adrenaline level increase rapid, nervous spread among us. NEW BIE to all those procedure and location of medicine, make quite lot of mistakes.As staff just briefing for few minutes, then we placed at different counters, start our first day work. .
In pharmacy all is about rushing, rushing and rushing, due to the waiting timer for each patients cant excess 30 minutes.
In college, we study about theory but here we need to apply it.
We just so in miserable and lost.Honestly,I  work quite slow.Thousands of medicines place at different location, different strength, different type,different classification, I still not so familiar with those location so need time to scan through row by row to get one medicine.
When I saw the prescription baskets keep send inside,mean patients were obviously getting more and I need to speed up. I bit jealous when saw the staff with their eyes on prescription and hand moving between the drawers and grap medicine. They so patience to point out the medicine if we really cant find it.
"Adik ,takpe buat slow slow ,mula mula memang macam tu.Dulu,masa akak masuk dulu pun gelabah macam u all.  " said one of the staffs. In that split of moment,she is a angel for me.Her words in slow tone calmed me lot.This make me felt bit okay as everyone had been in our situation before.
But my frenxz no so lucky.The male staff works with her really a hot temper one. I can heard his  scolds.
What I really need to mention here is, doctor's writing make me sick.I can't even read *soon I learn after couples of days work*
Horrible disaster is a perfect word to describe our first day. We skipped breakfast.Patients are too many until I cant get much time to rest my legs.The needle is moving so slow in clock"Tik.Tok.Tik.Tok"..........It was pretty long day.
When it's time to back 5pm,what a heaven feeling when my butt finally laid on chair.Along the way home, non of us talked instead restoring energy.Arrived home,sleep came in first place.Even my dinner and shower had been forgotten.
Wake up in the midnight with massage oil massaged my bothleg. Chewing the cereals and start worry the coming of next day.

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