Sunday, 16 August 2015

International Relation Office

The most importance things when you further oversea study,make sure you make real much copies of all your documents and photo.Approximately should more then 6 copies ;One copy for  registration ITB school, one copy for visa,one copy for agent,one copy for kitas(IRO),one copy for bank ,one copy for self keep.

*Kitas is kind of indonesia visa or student visa *

The international informed us ,they would took 2 months above to get our kitas done.In the duration of this 2 months,we not supposed to back Malaysia,or our kitas will be automatically cancelled.Due to certain kind of problem,not sure technique or procedure problem,our kitas wont done in 2 months .That means we need to renew our visa after 2 months if not they can fined us almost rm 100  per day for stay in Indonesia.

What a nonsense excuse to charge us more!

(I have my diploma convocation ceremony first week of octorber,Izit this mean I cant make it back.Damn !!!!!)

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