Monday, 10 August 2015

ITB Registration day

Wake up early in the morning ,putted on my best suit.Today was a big day for me,no doubt I felt the butterflies in my tummy.

Waited in front of my hostel (they call kost)for our agent,IBu Lien to pick us up.A black colour tinted glass Hyundai car stopped in front of us,and we entered in.

“Did you bring your all documents  I mentioned in whatsapp yesterday.?Passport?Bacause later we were going for the ITB new student registeration and also IRo (ITB Indonesia Immigration Office).
It was early in the morning.We could felt the cool freeze wind hit against us make me shivered.I regretted to forgot my sweater in my room.All along the way to ITB,my eyes kept  staring outside through window.Bandung,was a busy hectic city,where the traffic always jam.The driver in Bandung  must owned good driving skill in order  to survive. If you are saying Kuala Lumpur traffic jam,I think bandung traffic jam was more worst.The reason was in Bandung the road small and the traffic jam in chaos.Two lanes road might have 3 lanes driving car or more.The U turn not  really a U-turn road instead of a U turn signboard in a 2 ways road,no any specific way.Watching those traffic making me phobia.

After 20 minutes of driving,we arrived .With our personal  documents and few documents  gave by our agent in hand,we stepped into our school.First thing I ever thought when I got down from car ,“Why this ITB look so different with what I saw on internet.”Soon,I got my answer.Actually in Bandung got lot of ITB and this ITB is call Auditorium SABUGA. SABUGA is a red building where we gonna do our registration by own inside,no parents or agent allow. Queue was super long in front.Even I thought we are early ,but yet still late.We queued at the most behind one.I looked around me,why they all wearing uniform,white shirt and dark blue pant.Some of them looked young ,age between 16 and 19.In the same time,the other students also gave us some weird glance,cant blame them.Who asked us to wear so unformally, as they were all in their dark green jacket.

Okay,finally the gate opened.We queued at the back ,but been given priority for registration.Maybe because we are international students.A security guard opened the way for three of us and guided along to the international student register counter.Whoooaaa the scene was so familiar,in drama always showed a super VIP came and security guard opened way for him.That was what exactly I felt.Along the procedures to register ,damn lucky got an international officer assisted us beside.Bahasa Indonesia sounded likely Bahasa Melayu but actually no so.It essence and some pronounce did form the communication gap between us.The registration form was in Indonesia.No mean to be so stupid,but honestly I seriously cant understand their language so well.So basically we communicated in English.

Checked. Our colour blindness test not pass.In the other word,they dun really accepted Malaysia Hospital Colorblindness test result.So they want us to redo a new check up.We came to ITB Rumah Sakit.I heard my father Indonesia worker  ever told me,

“Rumah Sakit in Indonesia will charge your super expensive.If Don’t have money mean ,they wont serve you even you die.”

His words kept re-flashed in my mind.Opened my wallet ,checked my money.

”My money enough?”I started worried.

When time to pay,in the payment resit,rp 25 000.For a typical Malaysian ,I wasn’t so good with the money rate changing to Ringgit value.Calculated.”HollySh**”.The big amount did scared me,actual value in Ringgit was RM8.10.This  price in Malaysia only enough for your lunch.Quite cheap for a medical checkup.

Done our checkup,backed to campus.Proceed with the registration.Lot of sections  need to go through, personal information,family data,hostel,payment,photoshot,insurance………Actually because I m Chinese, so people used to assumed me Indonesia Chinese .The officer would speak in Indonesia with us.Today was a day I showed most blur face in my life.I acted so idoit,like a English people dumped in Indonesia.

”I am international student from Malaysia.Can you speak English ,I cant really understand Indonesia.”I surprisely found this sentence quite useful.For this whole day long, I dun knew how many time did I repeated this, when ever I came to new officer.

Next stop will be the IRO(Indonesia ITB Immigration Registeration Office).

ITB was so big,triple than my previous college.Lot of charity and sale booths around run by the students.They also sold food,all look so weird for me.

Even I m damn hungry ,but I m not willing to take a risk on those strange food.I scared my tummy cant stand it,and again suffered of diarrhea.

We meet few of the local students , they were so kind and friendly. 

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