Friday, 5 May 2017


I was walking to the entrance.That is an art work with millions of bamboo sticks.

When come to DUSUN BAMBOO, the most exciting thing is SEE THE GIANT BIRD NEST. Try to live like a bird in the nest.

Used to see the bird's nest in the advertisement mostly regarding to the Indonesia tourism. At first I really thought lots of the nest on tree and hang by those steel. After I came only I realise, the bird's nest,round shape of room made from half glasses that winding with the branch / root / some part of plants. The smart architecture idea might inspired by bird? The "bird's nest" build on the flyover bridge with glass, so can really enjoy the view.

 Considering the area is big and huge, they provide car picking and customer dropping service. All vehicle decorated with colourful items on body

Sundanese food experience in the beautiful environment. Dont worry about the food, everything can get here.

Small play park for kids, per entrance 50 k rp . There were one rabbits garden inside. Kids can feed them with vege and carrots.

 I m had been fascinated with the view of the lake. Its the most part I like the most about DUSUN BAMBOO. I fall in love with this place on my first sight. A floating area in the middle, surrounded with the bamboo houses.The water paddling activities in the flower/ swam boat, add sparkles to his area.

 Lets me tell you , why DUSUN BAMBOO ranked as NO 1 in my heart among of all the other. The reason is , I really can imagine how cool it will be if I held my wedding here.Yup its too early to think about this, but imagine bring no harm. Another serious problem I did concerned, the floating area kinda small, is it mean that should be limited number invitation , as I guess it cant hold our weight. If I fall in the water, this  would be biggest jokes in my life..

Ticket per entry is 20 k rp. Keep the ticket nicely so can redeem mineral water / 1 pot of plant by 2 tickets.

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