Friday, 5 May 2017

KAMPONG DAUN CAFE #Indonesia tripguide

'This look more like a chalet rather than a cafe'

Kampung Daun is located up on a hill, restore the nature tropical forest beauty.The landscapes of this restaurant is well kept, even had a small waterfall inside. A cafe theme of nature, inside the tropical forest. Dining in small chalet surrounded by plants,sound of waterfall accompanied bird sing.This awesome scenery get my soul a temporary relax and felt high concentration of oxygen in every my breath. (This is describe how nature it is) They dont prepared you a  fan, what you can get is nature air-condition. We went there around the hot sunny afternoon hour, the shield of leaves actually create cool and refreshing atmosphere inside.

Once you choose the location you satisfied with. Take off the shoes and politely get inside the chalet. We picked the place near with waterfall on small hill.There provide comfy pillows inside. Some tourists found it too comfortable, and took a short nap after dine. No worries, the waitresses were too polite, they wont disturb your rest. We took for hours there chilling and enjoy our luxury tea time.

Again , I almost forgot its actually a restaurants. For me the foods are variety from Indonesia cuisine to Western, breakfast to dinner, main course to dessert, all on the menu. So, just give Indonesia food a try, you will fall in love with it. The foods here were just common and dint "wow" me. The price is standard price, range of 40k to 100 k depends on food. Undoubtedly ,the environment truthfully awesome. The price with these dining experience damn worth it , you must give a try.  I guess most of the tourists, basically paid high for the dining experience instead of food. 

I really willing to pay more for this environment.Chilled with bunch of friends , chit-chat from afternoon to night. Throw the hectic city life away, pampered self with this nature scenery.

This is the night view with the bulb everywhere, create romantic moody night. I downloaded this night scenery from google, as we couldn't make it to stay till night, due to tight schedule. But I promised myself , I would definitely back and spent whole day in this place again.

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