Friday, 5 May 2017

PASCAL FOOD MARKET #Indonesia tripguide


The food market, the gathering of all sorts of foods. From Indonesia to Korea, from main course to snacks. Heaven of food? I m ALLODOXAPHOBIA, too much of choices dont seems good for me. It make me harder to choose. Another problem, my knowledge about those Indonesia tiny enough and kinda phobia to actually try those new foods.

I prefer keep it simple, and order somethings common. This is the classic "safe" choices, GREENTEA, SOTO AYAM  AND NASI BAMBOO (TAHU, TEMPE,VEGE,CHICKEN , RICE). Did you saw the brown colour things in rice, actually some spices which I wasnt very pleasant with that. Not that bad.

When the night turn dark, slowly orange colour bulb turned on one by one. Live band play their music in front stage, entertained the people dining here. Pascal Food Market, big area which you can pick to dine indoor(under root) or outdoor. Personally more suggested outdoor, the nature wind while having dinner under the sky full of stars. If rain, just switch your place from outdoor to indoor.

The indoor view.

We picked the seat in the middle part, faced the live band stage. Outdoor view.

I need spot light for my insta story . Camera always come first before food.

Few colorful car offer to give us a ride

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