Monday, 8 May 2017


" Barely remember my childhood's memory with dentist, soon it became the shadow of my life.Cant believe I need to handle all this through "

I got my front tooth fix 6 weeks ago. It suppose to be a simple filling process / restoration.

Why I fixed my front tooth? It happened when I was in secondary school. A handsome dentists came to me and offered to fixed small little hole on my front tooth. Cant effort to say "NO". 
Day after that, I need to replace / refilling it for every 3 to 4 years.This was my third time replaced the old filling as it got loose.

Back to my story today, a nightmare came recently,when I felt the pain 6 weeks after filling

At first I though sensitive tooth,he pain more sensible. Weird , I dint felt the pain during eat or talk, sometimes it disappear.When I thought it was getting better, I felt pain in the rhythm of 'lup-dup'(heart pump rhythm ) randomly, normally during sleep or do nothing. I sensed something wrong, but too busy to actually come to a solution(Exam period). Dragged it for 4 days hoping it will be okay soon. Worsting as expected.

I  did search for any  the same study case as mine in Google. Seek for advises from dentistry friends of mine. I ended up with 2 options ,

1. The filling not complete cause the expose of tooth
 2. Most of them were telling canal root infection pulpitis (new vocabulary )
3. Gum recession 

WHAT IS PULPATIS? [This was my first time heard it.]

Pulpitis is inflammation of dental pulp tissue. The pulp contains the blood vessels the nerves and connective tissue inside a tooth and provides the tooth's blood and nutrients. Pulpitis is mainly caused by bacteria infection which itself is a secondary development of caries (tooth decay).

No points for any guess, unless you seek for the professional.
I went for dental check up and X ray. 

This is the X-ray. [ My suspense solved once the X-ray shown]

After zoomed in :

The white colour is PULP.
The pink colour is FILLING.
Both of them way too close.

Unfortunately it matched my guess, diagnosed as pulpitis.

Below was the explanation from my dentist.

My pulp (the inner area of teeth) seemed to have larger size compared the other, maybe the age. Thus, the filling side wasnt big , but it reach at the pulp. The filling way too near to the pulp stimulated and cause the sensation. The other reason, might due  infection in pulp. Things will get worst if it was infection as its irreversible. They really suggested me to get my canal treatment.

Again , What is Canal Root Treatment? 
[Another new vocabulary for the day ]
 I think this photo might give basic imagination to all. Basically what I heard, dentist will first open tooth and remove/ killed the nerve [No Pain Sensation]. After the infected tissues removed and canal cleaned, the empty space filled with permanent material, then will be restored the tooth.

So I turned my dentist down. I haven't and don't wish to received my treatment, maybe I need time to consider it. Another side, I really hope its not infection, but pain sensation induced by the filling when it came too close with pulp.

I hope this would help for the one out there who have the same problem with me.

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